Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Iconic London Ultimate Skin Serum & 360 Degree Roller

 Ladies and gents, meet the brand new, first ever skincare launch from Iconic London.

Say hello to their gorgeous new 360˚ Roller and Ultimate Skin Serum.

We know how well Iconic do glowy cosmetics, but how do they fare with their newest addition to their ever expanding line of hero products?

Unlike specific, targeted serums, the new Ultimate Skin Serum has been developed to be suitable for absolutely everyone, irrespective of if you have oily, dry or combination skin.

Captured within the sleek, cylindrical gold vessel you’ll find a serum which has been formulated with specialist peptides that help to boost your skins natural radiance.


A potent blend of plant botanicals including vegan squalene and Vitamin E seek to deeply nourish your skin by locking in moisture, protecting the delicate skin barrier, aiding natural defences and leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated and fresh.

The serum itself is milky white in colour, possesses a really delicate scent and is wonderfully silky and lightweight.


It has more of a watery gel like texture than an oily textured serum, meaning the cooling fluid glides across your skin before quickly absorbing without a trace.

Skin is left instantly feeling fresher, softer and hydrated.


This is not it though as Iconic have also launched a nifty little beauty tool in the form of their  360˚ facial roller which is designed to go hand in hand with their serum.

This elegant gold tool perfectly matches the appearance of the serum and has been made out of cooling Zamac.


Remember how I said that the serum offers a beautiful cooling effect, well thanks to this little beauty you can take cooling to a whole new level.

Designed to be use as an at-home facial massager, this nifty little gem helps to loosen muscle tension, sculpt cheekbones, depuff bothersome areas such as under the eyes and visibly lift and firm your skin.


You can use the roller in a couple of different ways, either prior to skincare application to prep your skin, or during application to help evenly distribute the product.

For use prior to skincare, on clean dry skin, gently roll the 360˚ roller along and under your jawline, across your temples and cheekbones and under your eyes using outward strokes then follow with 1-2 pumps of the serum.

By prepping your skin in this way it will leave your skin ready to more efficiently drink in the serum for ultimate absorption.


If you prefer to use the roller with your serum, simply apply a couple of drops of the serum to your skin and use the roller over your neck, chin, cheekbones and forehead.

This is one of my first experiences with a skincare roller and I’m really impressed.

I adore the cooling sensation on my skin which helps me to feel more awake and I have noticed a real difference to my under eye area where it has succeeded in aiding drainage and reducing the appearance of puffiness in the morning.


The process only takes a few minutes yet somehow I find that it really helps set me up for the day and likewise of an evening, I find it ever so therapeutic and relaxing, particularly if I’ve had a stressful day and feel tense.

Both the serum and roller are reasonably priced and given the quality of both the formula and tool, I feel that they are great value for money.

Plus, coated in vibrant gold with black detailing, they look ever-so luxe!

Iconic London’s new Ultimate Skin Serum (£38) and  360˚ Roller (£35) are both available now.


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