Thursday, 10 June 2021

Mavala Pastel Fiesta Collection

 Burst into summer with the exquisite new Pastel Fiesta Collection from Mavala.

This beautiful and elegant six piece collection is a sweet celebration of beauty and lightness, which let’s face it, is pretty much what summer is all about.

Whimsical, delicate shades sit side by side with vivid, bright colours, creating a sophisticated, muted rainbow of dreams.

Joyful and hopeful, this is a collection where I can honestly say that I love and would wear each and every shade.

Fans of understated nudes will fall in love with Biarritz (393).

Elegant and timeless, Biarritz is a soft, grey-beige.

Richly pigmented and silky in texture, you’ll need two coats to get truly even coverage but once applied, this bad boy isn’t budging.

Formulated with long-lasting hold and dazzling shine, it is a truly classic shade to compliment pretty much any look.


In contrast, the brightest shade within the line-up is Taormina (394).

A sweet, soft, luminous raspberry pink with a cream finish, it manages to be both vibrant and bold, yet not at all brash or offensive.


Perfect for showing off a tanned complexion, it is bright and radiant, capturing people’s attention with its sweet, almost bubble-gum pink hue.

On the other end of the pink spectrum we have Hamptons (322).



A soft, pale, cotton candy pink, Hamptons offers an understated elegance with its timeless feminine shade.

Offering even coverage, it is one of those must-have, staple shades in anyone’s nail polish collection.


Sticking with the theme of soft, candy shades we have Brighton (319).

A beautiful soft mauve, it reminds me of the colour of the purple mini eggs.


Creamy and rich in pigment, it easily offers an equally refined and graceful look as the pinks, but with the cutest purple twist.

Speaking of twists, I’m not normally one for blue nail polish, however Gotland (321) has kinda won me over.

Gotland is a soft blue lilac, which is almost more soft lavender in shade than blue.

Light, airy and reflective of the purity of a spring/summer sky, it sits perfectly within the collection, offering a unique, captivating shade.

Its softness and warm undertones are actually rather enchanting.

Finally we move onto Rimini (395), the only polish in the collection with an iridescent pearl finish.

Rimini is the shade that I could imagine fairy wings being.

It is a delightful pale mauve shade with just a subtle hint of luminous sparkle and sheen.


Dreamy and quaint, it is a universally flattering shade that would look stunning on pretty much anyone.

The Mavala Pastel Fiesta Collection is available now and each polish costs £5.50 from LookFantastic.


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