Thursday, 22 April 2021

Moschino Toy2 Bubblegum

 My name is Sarah and im a self confessed fragrance addict.

I simply adore perfumes. I love the way they are presented, the vast array of different notes and elements but most importantly the way they make me feel.

For me, fragrances can literally lift my mood and just smelling a scent can transport me back to a particular moment in time, evoking memories and feelings of times past.

I just love them and every now and again I'm blown away by a launch that I simply just have to try; be it because of the way it has been presented and marketed, or because of the blend of notes that appeals to me.

Moschino Toy2 Bubblegum is a launch that I simply could not resist.

I was already familiar with the cuter than cute Moschino Toy2 fragrance which I loved- housed in a vessel resembling a teddy bear, it was just so unique, kitsch and wonderful.

It is however, nothing compared to Toy2 Bubblegum.

The iconic teddy bottle has been reimagined in a vibrant, fun bubblegum pink hue with elegant silver accents.

Featuring frosted glass paws and a square, transparent glass body, the teddy head is a bright, shiny plastic sat on top of a silver banded neck.

And yes, as you may have deduced, this EDP features notes of real bubblegum!!

Intriguing? Certainly! But what on earth will this smell like?!

Categorised as a fruity floral scent, I was desperate to discover what this scent smelt like!

I love sweet, gourmand fragrances so was fairly sure I'd enjoy it, but how on earth can a bubblegum scented fragrance be anything other than a gimmick?

Well, unsurprisingly Toy2 Bubblegum is a fun, radiant, playful fragrance with a complex and expansive set of elements which together create the most fabulous scent.

Invigorating, fresh and bursting with joy, the fragrance explodes into life with top notes of sweet, candied citrus fruits, zesty Italian lemon and orange essence and the unmistakeable jewel in the crown, Bubblegum accord. 

This gives way to mid notes of spicy cinnamon and ginger, soft fruits of black currant, vine peach, peach flowers and elegant Bulgarian rose which creates a soft, smooth, sweet experience.

Finally, Toy2 Bubblegum ends with base notes of seductive, grounded cedarwood essence, Ambrofix and powdery, musk cocktail which together create a bountiful, well rounded scent which is so much more than just a quirky bubblegum  gimmick.

It is a complex, delightful and deeply enjoyable scent which exudes both feminine elegance and youthful joy. 

Moschino manage to blend the Bubblegum accord so perfectly with the rest of the supporting chorus line that it has succeeded in creating a truly unique olfactory experience.

Intriguing and spirited, Toy2 Bubblegum is a surprisingly brilliant fragrance that will delight anyone looking for a fun, fruity, unique scent.

Moschino Toy2 Bubblegum is available now exclusively from The Perfume Shop and costs £56 for 50ml.


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