Friday, 30 April 2021

BIOEFFECT 30 Day Challenge

Are you up for the BIOEFFECT #30DayChallenge this May?

Start as you mean to go on by giving your skin a serious boost! 

BIOEFFECT'S most potent formula to date combines the best of science and nature featuring a unique, powerful formula to drastically improve your skin.

The unique treatment features three different growth factors natural to human skin that dramatically minimise wrinkles, pore size, and redness while maximising hydration, radiance and skin tone. 

Containing only 9 ingredients and free from fragrance, alcohol and oil the set comes beautifully presented in a teal and white striped box containing three diddy 15ml treatment bottles, enough to last you an entire month.

Designed to be used on cleansed skin twice daily, apply 3-4 drops of the silky serum to your skin and allow time for it to be absorbed as your skin drinks in the goodness. 

As the treatment is specifically formulated as a highly concentrated boost to compliment regular anti-aging skincare, you'll find you only need to use it 1-4 times a year, depending on your skin’s condition.

That's how powerful this stuff is. 

Packed into this silky, lightweight serum you'll find a combination of three different growth factors.

Growth Factor EGF - A protein in human skin which signals cells to boost collagen and elastin production to maintain healthy, dense and youthful skin.

Growth Factor KGF - A protein in human skin that increases density and diminishes wrinkles and fine lines.

Growth Factor (IL-1A) - A protein in human skin that increases skins elasticity. 

Combined, these hard working ingredients get to work to rejuvenate and restore your complexion. 

It works to maximises hydration while helping to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin tone feels and looks more even, increasing both the thickness and smoothness of your conplexion. 

Suitable for all skin tones, it's perfect for breathing fresh, vibrant life back into a dull, sallow complexion.

So, What do you have to loose?

Give the BIOEFFECT 30 Day Challenge a try now!

You can purchase your set from BIOEFFECT where it costs £225.


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