Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Heaven by Deborah Mitchell Nettle Venom Collection

 Discover two of the most impressive vegan anti-ageing products on the skincare market.

Say hello to Heaven by Deborah Mitchell’s Nettle Venom Cream (£64) and Nettle Venom Eyes (£55).

Formulated with something called NETTATOXIN®, the creams feature the carefully extracted sting of the common British nettle.

This newly patented ingredient causes a similar reaction to that of bees when they sting.



When stung (by a bee or a nettle) your skin responds by going into a rapid repair strategy on first contact.

The sting makes your skin tingle before your serotonin kicks in and gets to work to heal the blemishes and redness.

The result of such an experience in skincare terms is a more lifted, radiant looking complexion and this is why the powerful qualities of the nettle have been harnessed to create this 100% vegan collection of products.



When used over time, your skin continues this built in self-healing action which helps to smooth lines, reduce the appearance of winkles and soothes your skin.

While the products are integral to getting this set of reactions in order, actually it is your own body’s natural response that results in your skins ability to rebuild, tighten, firm and renew.

Impressive eh?



The Nettle Venom Cream is a beautifully rich yet light moisturiser with a subtle, soft fresh scent.

Quickly absorbed into your skin, it leaves no greasy residue and leaves your skin feeling instantly hydrated and soft.

I’ve been using it twice daily for a number of weeks now and I love the results.


While I can’t claim that it has removed the appearance of all my lines and wrinkles, by complexion is certainly far more radiant and in terms of texture, actually does feel firmer and more plump.

I paired my cream with the Nettle Venom Eyes.

While it contains many of the same elements, this cream is somewhat richer than the moisturiser, due to the difference in the skin around your eye area.



It is thinner and more delicate so often requires a little more TLC when it comes to skincare.

As with the cream, this eye cream contains NETTATOXIN® which works in the same way as Heaven’s famous bee venom but uses only 100% plant-based ingredients to ensure it is Vegan friendly.

Thick and decadently soft, the cream instantly perks up dull, tired eyes, reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffiness.


Particularly great in the mornings for helping you to look and feel more awake, I do find myself applying a pretty generous amount at night to ensure that I wake with skin that feels rejuvenated, comforted, soft and fresh.

Pale green in colour, it quickly gets to work to soften and soothe tired eyes.



I’ve always been a big fan of Heaven’s Bee Venom collection so I was really excited to ty this vegan alternative and boy it did not disappoint!

Check out Heaven by Deborah Mitchell’s Nettle Venom collection online now.


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