Sunday, 22 November 2020

The Body Shop Festive Scents

 You know that Christmas is just around the corner when The Body Shop launch their festive scents and guys and gals, they’re here!

This year you’ll find an irresistible trio of wintery scents to delight, relax and pamper your body and mind. 

Whatever your fragrance preference, be it fruity, floral or gourmand there is a range to tantalise your senses and soothe your body.

Their first new scent is Winter Jasmine.



This festive, crisp, floral scent is absolutely beautiful. A real treat!

I tried it out in the form of their Body Yoghurt (£9) and Hand Cream (£5).

This decadently rich and creamy yoghurt has been created with jasmine extract from India, shea butter from Ghana and organic almond milk from Spain to create a deeply nourishing and beautifully aromatic scented body moisturiser.



Wonderfully light yoghurt has a semi-gel like texture which is quickly absorbed into your skin, quenching any dryness and replenishing moisture where it is most needed.

Formulated for nomal to dry skin, it gets to work quickly to sooth dry skin, leaving you feeling soft and silky and smelling festively fabulous.

If you love this scent then you can extend the experience to your hands with their hand cream.



Made with jasmine extract from India, handcrafted Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana and Community Fair Trade organic babassu oil from Brazil, it offers a deeply nourishing experience that softens even cuticles.

Pocket-sized and perfect for popping in your hand back for on the go top ups, your hands will feel soft, protected and smell delightful!

Prefer fruitier notes?

Then prepare to be blown away with their second festive scent, Festive Berry.



Bursting with juicy, tangy freshness, this collection is perfect if you prefer a sweeter, more refreshing scent.

Say hello to smoother skin this Christmas with our special edition Festive Berry Body Scrub.

I got stuck into their Body Scrub (£16) and Lip Scrub (£4.50).

Created in a deep, decadent, rich red hue this delectable body scrub smells good enough to eat.

Formulated with cranberry seed oil, Brazil nut oil and exfoliating raspberry seeds and sugar crystals, this juicy treat buffs away dead skin to reveal brighter, smother skin beneath.



Its thick, hydrating texture softens the skin while gently exfoliating and refining as it goes.

It transforms your shower into the sweetest smelling experience and leaves you with smoother than smooth skin.

Similarly, the delicious lip scrub also features a festive red shade and contains sugar crystals to gently exfoliate away dead skin from your lips to leave you with a softer, more kissably pout.

Cranberry seed oil nourishes your lips while shea butter imparts a serious hit of moisture to ensure your lips and hydrated and full.

It takes rather delicious too though I wouldn’t recommend eating the whole pot!



Last but my no means least is my favourite festive scent, Warm Vanilla.

Now for me, this is what Christmas really smells like, sweet, soft, creamy warm vanilla, as if you’ve just baked a delicious cake!

I adore this scent, and while it is a Shower Cream (£5.50) I like to pour it under warm running water for an indulgent bathing experience too.

Created with vanilla extract from Madagascar, the rich, creamy shower gel offers up plenty of soft, frothy bubbles to gently cleanse your skin without leaving it feeling dry.



The best part, the scent of vanilla lingers on your skin long after you’ve stepped out of the shower.

Its simply divine!

So there you have it! Which festive scent will you be after this year?


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