Thursday, 19 November 2020

Dr Lipp Review & Giveaway

 Treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of kissably soft, nourished, conditioned lips this Christmas with the multi-award winning brand, Dr Lipp.

For those of you not in the know, Dr Lipp was brought to the masses back in 2004 after its founder discovered that the balm had a multitude of beneficial uses aside from its original purpose of being a nipple balm for breastfeeding mothers.

The multi-purpose skincare hero can be used to treat a whole host of different dry skin issues, is 100% natural, the original line is comprised of just ONE single ingredient and the rest of the lines features up to just 10 ingredients.



This iconic ingredient is in fact Lanolin, one of the worlds best natural moisturisers.

Made from Australian free roaming sheep’s wool, its bio compatibility with human skin is almost identical to your skins natural oils.

The Lanolin in Dr Lipp products is 100% natural, cruelty free and is purified to the highest standards to make it the Rolls Royce of Lanolin.



I’ve used this balm for years and it is in my opinion, the BEST lip balm and dry skin reliever that I’ve ever had.

Texture wise, it reminds me somewhat of petroleum jelly, however it is FAR richer, thicker and long lasting.

Taste and fragrance free, it is decadently rich and hugs your lips like a warm hug.

It instantly quenches dry, sore skin on your lips, elbows, knees, anywhere really!



It stays put, offering hour after hour of serious hydration, leaving your lips feeling soft and full and offering a delicate, natural sheen.

If like me you’re a BIG fan of cute minis and like to keep a balm everywhere; think bathroom, bedroom, handbag, car, kitchen, the list is exhaustive, then you’ll love their 6 Pack Original Nipple Balm (£29.99)

This sweet little kit contains 6 travel-sized packs which you can dot around to ensure you are never far from your hydrating saviour!



I personally pop one in each of my Children’s book bags at school so they can stop their lips from drying in the winter.

Perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin, I simply cannot get enough of this glorious luxurious, thick balm!

Fancy trying something a little new?

Check out their new CBD Calm Balm (£10.99)



Perfect for those of you suffering with extra-dry skin troubles, this little green tube of joy contains medical grade Lanolin and 50MG of broad spectrum CBD Oil to calm, soothe and nourish severely dry skin.

Rich and not at all gloppy or sticky, it offers some powerful TLC to even the most chapped of lips, plus, CBD oil is so In right now so you can rest assured that you’re bang on trend!

Looking for a balm that delivers a hint of colour along with un-paralleled moisturising qualities? 



Dr Lipp have got you covered here too thanks to their Lip Tint 3 Pack (£18).

Created for use on you cheeks, eyelids and lips, it is another multi-purpose hero to delight.

Beautifully presented in a chic, elegant compact gift box, the set comprises of three tinted balms which have been formulated with just 5 ingredients.



100% natural, scent and flavour free they are perfect for sensitive skin and offer a gorgeous natural hit of colour.

Created with edible plant-based pigmentation, you’ve got a beautiful natural pink in the form of Sweet Potato, a rich, voluptuous burgundy in Elderberry and a delicate peachy-coral in Red Raddish.



They contain all the wonderful hydrating properties of the original but with the added benefit of a little splash of colour to bring your lips, cheeks and eyes to life.

Offering a subtle sheen, they allow you to match your lip and cheek colour while the softening, nourishing ingredients keep your skin feeling comfortable and smooth.



I am one massive fan and I want to prove to you how incredible this brand is by offering one of you the opportunity to win a set of your own goodies.

For your chance to win a Lip Tint 3 Pack, CBD Calm Balm and 6 Pack Original worth over £58 simply fill in the Rafflecopter form below.



I’m telling you, you’ll never use another balm again after you’ve experienced Dr Lipp and if you gift a loved one a balm, they'll love you forever too!


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