Monday, 16 November 2020

Smoby Medical Rescue Trolley

 If like my children, your kids love indulging in imaginative play then they’re going to go mad for Smoby’s Medical Rescue Trolley.

This innovative, comprehensive, interactive trolley contains everything any child could need to help them play out their fantasies of being a doctor or nurse.

Children love to explore grown up jobs and roles and indulge their curiosities through play.



Suitable for 3 years plus, this compact trolley contains a host of realistic looking gadgets and gizmos that may of your children may already be familiar with (plus some unfamilair items!) to allow them to immerse themselves In the world of imaginative play.

This wheelable trolley contains 2 Flasks, one syringe, a thermometer, two boxes of plasters, scissors, an otoscope, two cards, stethoscope, hammer of reflex, thermometer and a pair of glasses.



There’s even an electronic simulator for pretend health tests which lights up and beeps at you, mimicking real health measuring machines.

There is also a compact blue medical box in which your child can safely store away all of their important supplies, for If they were to take out home visits for example!



Not only is it a great tool to aid play and learning, it is a great way to help teach children about medical equipment, allowing them to familiarise themselves with each item, in the event they should be on the receiving end in real life.

Interacting in a play-format at home can help to alleviate fears or worries around doctors or hospitals



Made of durable plastic which is easy to clean, the set is simple to construct and sturdy enough to cope with even the most heavy handed of child!

(I’m looking at you Lottie!)



My two have played with this almost constantly since we received it, taking great joy in playing the roles of doctor and patient.

They enjoy examining one each other (and their toys!) to help make them ‘better’!



They took particular joy in whacking the reflex hammer on my knees to make sure that they are ‘working’, while my son took a particular liking for the red glasses.


The Smoby Medical Rescue Trolley is available now from Amazon and costs £36.10.


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