Sunday, 8 November 2020

Aura Kits

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a tough year on everyone.

The overwhelming weight of a global pandemic hanging over your head paired with the daily stresses and strains of everyday work and life can take its toll on both your physical and mental wellbeing.

Taking time for yourself has never been more important as without a healthy body and calm mind, it can feel impossible to face the challenges that face us every day.

If you are looking to inject a little balance and wellness into your life then I think I’ve found the brand for you.



Aura Kits are a British brand that offer a luxury monthly subscription box for self-care, wellbeing and mindfulness.

Treat yourself or someone you love a new self-care routine that is designed to instil peace, relaxation and positive energy in the form of an Aura Healing Kit.

Each kit contains an array of natural materials including, Sage smudge sticks, natural incense, natural candles, Himalayan pink bath salts, healing crystals, relaxation tracks and quick easy to follow information and guidance in meditation, salt baths, positive visualisation, and affirmations for just £25 per month.

The collection has been carefully curated to help you unwind, cleanse your energy and encourages you to integrate more self-care rituals into your daily routine.



Aura Kits seek to aid you to quieten your mind, find peace and clear negative energy from your home, body and soul.

Beautifully packaged in recyclable, sustainable packaging it’s just the pick-me up you may need at this difficult time.

I received my first box and was thrilled by the collection of products which when used together, help to calm, de-stress and relax a busy mind.

Each month you receive a crystal which possesses different healing qualities and this month was the Tigers Eye.



When held close, a Tigers Eye can help with an array of different issues. It promotes abundance, increases self-esteem, promotes courage, increases vitality, brings good luck and help you turn your negative thoughts into more optimistic ones.

Nestled within the presentation box you’ll also find a Solar Plexus Chakra Candle.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is linked to the upper part of the body and embodies will power and self-esteem.

Restore your inner peace and wellbeing by taking a few moments for a short meditation prior to lighting the candle. 



The light of the candle is dedicated to yourself and to all sentient beings and allows you to quieten and focus your mind.

Continue this calming experience with the inclusion of a Lemongrass Bath Fizzer.

This bright white heart shaped bath bomb contains lemongrass oil to help to soothe a busy mind and unwind in the comforting hug of a warm bath.



Amplify the experience by using the Juniper Berry essential Oil.

This purification plant can be used to cleanse ritual spaces and in medication can help you to concentrate and focus more effectively.

Revitalising and restorative, it can help with exhaustion, mental fatigue and stress.

Last but by no means least is the neatly presented bundle of White Sage.



Burning the plant is said to clear away negative energy from yourself and your home while allegedly clearing up to 94% of airborne bacteria.

You can also use the smoke from white sage to cleanse and recharge your crystals.

Cleansing your space may allow you to feel more energised and content which lets be honest, most of us could really do with right now.

Finally, your kit contains a set of positive affirmations, as the things we think and the words we speak can often become our belief systems so saying positive affirmations can be good for both the body and soul.



Speaking and thinking positively about yourself is so important with regards to your personal sense of wellbeing and confidence and if possible, you should set a few minutes aside a day to remind yourself of them.

This month’s affirmations are ‘I am Strong’, ‘I am Wealthy’, ‘I am positive energy’, ‘I am optimistic’, ‘I am joyful’, ‘I am grateful’ and ‘I am healing’.

Whatever your personal beliefs, taking time to positively focus on yourself, your wellbeing and your mental space can really make a difference to your outlook on life and situations.

You cant pour from an empty cup after all.



Aura Kits provide the tools you can use to help get you to a better place when you feel overwhelmed and I think that’s simply magical.

If you feel like you could do with some positivity and time to focus on yourself then their kits are an inspired idea.

To receive your monthly kit, you have the option of selecting from one of three different subscriptions and each box will be posted out between the 24th-26th of each month.

​They are currently running an offer where you can receive 15% off your first month’s subscription to by using the code SELFCARE15 at the checkout, otherwise each box costs £25 monthly.

You can sign up for your own Aura Kit on their website now.



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