Tuesday, 10 March 2020

No7 The Full 360 Ultra Mascara

Ladies and gents, please allow me to introduce you to the incredible new mascara from No7.

The Full 360 Ultra is a multi-benefit, nourishing mascara that promises long lasting length, volume and curl to create all round panoramic lashes.

I love a good mascara and a good mascara is worth its weight in gold in my opinion and as a big fan of Boots No7, I was excited to give this little lovely a go.

Housed within a fuss free, chic black wand with gold detailing, its simplistic outer design betrays the complexity and ingenuity of the brush and formula inside.

The Full 360 Ultra is more than just a mascara, it is also skincare that nourishes and pampers your lashes.

Enriched with Vitamin E, the formula helps to stimulate collagen production while protecting against environmental aggressors.

The formulation includes Organic Shea Butter, known for its intensely nourishing and moisturising properties along with other beneficial effects such as anti-irritancy, anti-inflammatory and UVB protection.  

It also contains organic Beeswax and Carnauba Wax which creates a creamy, comfortable and flexible texture to the mascara.

Combine these impressive ingredients with the rigid, hourglass shaped brush with petal-shaped bristles and you’re onto a winner.

The chunky brush evenly dispenses a light, silky layer of mascara onto your lashes, with its varying lengths of bristles ensuring that each and every lash is coated.

Its curved shape allows you to hook the lashes and curl them upwards, resulting in a powerful curl while the flexible, soft formula effortlessly coats your lashes, allow you to build volume without clumping or stickiness.

The mascara seems to cling to your lashes rather than itself, defining each lash to lengthen without leaving you with spidery lashes.

The result? A comfortable to wear, wide eyed look with long, curved lashes that boast volume and length at every angle.

I’m not alone in thinking this though as over 93% of women tested agreed that they saw fuller lashes and one of these bad boys is currently sold every 3 seconds!

In terms of longevity, as mentioned before the mascara clings to your lashes and indeed this is where it remains even after a long day of wear.

There is minimal smudging and absolutely no flaking whatsoever.

At just £15 I think it is a seriously impressive mascara.

The No7 The Full 360 Ultra Mascara is available exclusively in store and online at Boots and is available in Black and Black/Brown.

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