Sunday, 8 March 2020

Mother's Day Gifts at Olivia Burton

Give your mum a gift she’ll truly cherish this Mother’s Day with Olivia Burton.

Olivia Burton are a British accessories brand that lovingly create a stunning array of jewellery and watches at affordable prices without comprising on style or luxury.

Known for their covetable, collectable styles inspired by vintage finds and the latest catwalk trends, their pieces feature hand-illustrations, beautiful references to nature and must-have colour palettes.

To be honest, its almost impossible to choose a favourite collection or piece on account of the generous array of splendid and dazzling items however I have hand picked two pieces which I simply adore and I think you will too.

Taking pride of place within their sweet as honey Bee inspired collection is their beautiful You Have My Heart Lucky Bee, Silver & Rose Gold Mesh Watch (£159).

This absolutely adorable watch features an intricate 3D rose gold bee sitting proudly in the center of a bubblegum pink, brush stroke heart.

12 dazzling Swarovski crystal markers surround the bee, adding a sparkly element that satisfies my magpie eye!

Water resistant and featuring Quartz movement, this watch is beautifully feminine and chic yet also eye catching and unique.

An elegant token of love, I could not think of a more beautiful piece to gift my mum for Mother’s day to show her how much she means to me.

Ok wait, having said that I have found another stunning item from the same Bee collection, the You Have My Heart Necklace Pink & Rose Gold (£55).

This buzzing beauty features a delicate rose gold bee and a baby pink coloured heart charm hanging from an elegant chain.

I love the contrast of the pale pink heart against the shiny rose gold of the bee and the double charm element adds a modern edge to a regular charm necklace.

Perfect for layering up with other necklaces or wearing alone as a sweet statement, it is a unique and gorgeous piece of jewellery.

There’s something about the bee and the heart that really strikes a chord with me and yes I’m about to get a bit ‘deep’.

The bee sits atop of the heart on both the watch and the necklace, almost as if it were pausing to retrieve some precious, sweet nectar from a beautiful flower.

I picture the bee then flying away, using this nectar to sustain itself and fulfil what it was born to do.

Despite the fact that the bee has received what it needs, it will return to that flower time after time, and this reminds me of a very unique parental relationship.

The heart is a mother and the bee is its child. 

The mother nurtures her child until one day that child spreads its wings and sets off for life of their own.

That mother has provided the child with the tools it needs to survive in life, but time after time, like the bee returns to the flower that child will return to its mother.

Bee and flower, child and mother, they need one another.

I remember reading somewhere when my children were babies, that your children are the only people in the world who will experience the sound of your heart from within your own body.

Also, while pregnant the mother carries two precious hearts within her body. 

Amazing when you think about it like that isn’t it.

The heart emblem represents love and there is no love quite like that between mother and child.

Who knew you could read so much into a piece of jewellery eh?

Whether you see what I’m saying or not, I’m sure you can agree that that this duo are simply stunning and I know that as a mother, I would be absolutely delighted to receive such beautiful gifts to treasure forever.

Oliva Burton’s full range of watches and jewellery can be found on her website now.

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