Thursday, 13 February 2020

Mad Beauty Disney Marie Bows & Whiskers Collection

Calling all Disney fans!

If you eat, breathe, live Disney, then you need to become acquainted with Mad Beauty.

 Mad Beauty are all about making cosmetics fun and they have an extensive treasure trove of fabulous, Disney branded beauty goodies.

I’ve already introduced you to their super cute Dumbo range and today I’m bringing you some items from their sweeter than sweet Disney Marie Bows and Whiskers collection.

This collection celebrates Marie, the adorably cute fluffy white kitten from the classic Disney film, The Aristocats.

I’m presenting you with a trio of goodies from the range including a Body Cream (£5.99), Lip BalmDuo (£7.99) and Bath Milk (£5.99).

Beautifully presented in the most enchanting and cheerful packaging, even the most everyday, ordinary products take on a new lease of life.

Nestled within a soft grey and powder pink tub adorned with a sweet illustration of Marie you’ll find a sumptuous and rich body cream.

I love the way in which the tub has been created to resemble a pot of cream, because obviously a pampered kitten like Marie would simply adore this!
Enriched with nourishing shea butter, this decadent cream features a wonderful soft peony and cherry blossom scent.

Elegant and feminine, the cream effortlessly nourishes your skin and leaves behind its fine, delicate fragrance.

Continuing along the kitten theme, the Bath Soak is housed within a milk bottle shaped vessel.

The fluid within is of course, creamy in colour like milk because naturally, cats love milk but also milk has been used in bathing rituals since the time of the Ancient Egyptians!

Fragranced in the same soft floral scent as the body cream, pour under warm running water and indulge in a relaxing, frothy bubble bath.

The bottle will look fabulous on your bathroom shelf too!
Last but by no means least is my favourite item from the collection, the Lip Balm Duo.

Forget a bog standard tube, these balms have been transformed into two little balls of wool.

Created in the same pleasing pale grey and pink hues as the rest of the collection, these little globes of joy house a balm to soften and comfort lips while imparting an impressive hit of super shine.

Exquisitely presented with attention to detail, you cannot help but fall in love with such playful and fun items.

How said beauty had to be boring eh!

Check out the Disney Marie collection over at Mad Beauty now.

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