Monday, 2 December 2019

Mad Beauty Disney Dumbo Collection

Like most people I know, I grew up on Disney.

Disney movies were pretty much and integral part of my childhood and my love for all things Disney has stayed with me into adult hood.

For this reason I feel a real affinity to beauty brand Mad Beauty

Mad Beauty create design led cosmetics and work tirelessly to provide a wide range of novel , fun and interesting items to delight and bring out the inner child in you!

As far as both myself and Mad Beauty are concerned, You are Never Too Old for Disney.

I believe this whole heartedly and I have fallen completely in love with their Disney Dumbo collection!

While I’ll admit that the Dumbo film was not one of my favourite Disney Classics, I simply adored the character of Dumbo.

A baby elephant who was born different from the rest and through struggle and strife came out on the top. A sweet, determined character with beautiful blue eyes, it’s impossible not to love Dumbo.

For this reason I just adore the Mad Beauty Dumbo collection.

Take a look at tis fabulous trio from the range featuring the cutest Paddle Brush (£6.99), Ticket and Popcorn Lip Balm Duo (£7.99) and Cosmetics/Wash Bag (£7.99).

Aside from being an absolute steal of a price, these products manage to capture the magic of the movie and inject it right into your heart.

Bold colours and circus themed stripes evoke memories of the classic film while the star of the show, Dumbo takes center stage.

I love the vivid, bright stripes of the wash bag which contrast with the soft, grey hues of Dumbo. Every time I use this bag it makes me smile when I see his little face.

Speaking of smiling, I defy you not to crack a smile when you lay your eyes upon the gorgeous Paddle Brush.

Featuring original art work, the actual brush has been designed to resemble Dumbo’s ears!

The soft curves of the brush sit perfectly in your hands while the wide pad and bristles effortlessly detangle and style your hair to perfection.

Thanks to these realistic looking lip balms you can even take the wonder of Dumbo out of your home for on-the-go touch up’s!

Housed within a circus themed ticket tub and popcorn tub you’ll find two delectable balms.

Nestled within the ticket stub you’ll find a delicious, caramel scented, shimmery lip balm. Rich and with a high shine it almost verges on a gloss, offering a pop of shine and shimmer to your lips.

Remove the popcorn from the box to reveal a fun, bubblegum scented balm. 

Rich and nourishing, it is such a fun little balm to pop in your make up bag and is sure to become a talking point when others see you using it!

With such affordable price points, the magic of Disney can be available to everyone.

Thank you Mad Beauty.You are definitely never too old for Disney.

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