Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Paco Rabanne Lady Million Empire

Lady Million Empire is the fiercely feminine new scent from Paco Rabanne.

The iconic, multi-faceted gem inspired vessel has been transformed into a powerful yet sassy pink hued jewel featuring a liquor which appears to transform from a light, crystal clear fluid to a deep, sensuous potion.

Its multifacested sides seem to reflect the complex, powerful and multi layered aspects of a woman, creating a bottle which is not only a piece of art, but an outward reflection of the intoxicating nectar within.

A Lady Empire woman is a powerhouse who reigns supreme. Its her rules, her say, her way and this regal rose diamond seeks to solidify this ideal. Its her Empire.

I love the inspiring, powerful message behind the scent and the way it embraces and encourages girl power!

It’s a bold statement to back up but the fragrance does not disappoint.
A complex, modern, multi-layered beautiful scent waits to be released from its precious chamber!

Empire revisits the familiar and key notes of Lady Million predecessors with top nots of Orange Blossom, creating an opulent freshness however this time it is combined with osmanthus essence.

Heart notes of patchouli and magnolia swirl together creating a distinctly floral experience before base notes of plum, soft vanilla and addictive, warm cognac combine to leave an intense, musky and intriguing scent.

This brilliant, bright and bewitching scent is distinctive and powerful.

Feminine yet sassy, it is a perfume for the modern woman!

Lady Million Empire is available now from Fragrance Direct and usually retails at £82.50 for 80ml however you can get yours now for £70.95, saving you over £11!


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