Wednesday, 8 January 2020

YSL Libre

The new year is the perfect time to discover new scents and fragrances for the year ahead and escentual have an impressive collection of beautiful scents.

Curated and presented with expert knowledge and understanding of the world of fragrance, it should be your first stop on the hunt for the perfect perfume.

One such fragrance that demands your attention is Libre.

Libre is the confident, powerful and empowering new fragrance by cult French brand Yves Saint Laurent.

Simply translated as ‘free’, Libre pays tribute to the brands most enduring value; Freedom.

The freedom to be yourself. Freedom of choice. Freedom to live everything to the full. There are no compromises, just your own rules.

A fragrance for the modern woman, Libre has been created for the strong, bold, authentic and complex women of 2019 who aren’t afraid of standing tall, being proud and fighting hard while embracing their undeniably feminine nature.

Fronted by the stunning song-writer Dua Lipa who embodies the notion of a powerful, free woman, it is a complex and multifaceted fragrance that although defined as being ‘floral’ is really hard to pin down.

Before I address the complexity of the intriguing scent I have to comment its exquisite bottle.

Its structured, verging on masculine frame offers an elegant, sculpted silhouette.

Wrapped around the bottle is the legendary YSL logo, oversized and bending freely around the edges of the cool glass.

Combining sophistication with precision, there is a V shape cut into the side of the glass, as if to resemble a deep V neckline.

Curved around the neck of the bottle is a sexy, feminine gold chain.  The soft curves of the multi-textured chain are directly contrasted by the sleek, asymmetric, black, lacquered cap.

Intriguing, unique and a direct contrast from the bottles precise and uniform edges, the bottle is direct representation of the complex, harmonious and yet contradictory notes captured within the precious nectar within.

Libre was never going to be a run of the mill, everyday feminine fragrance with such values and ethos. It is exceptional, surprising and stunning.

One of the key notes within the composition is Lavender.

Lavender is traditionally used in male perfumery, yet in the context if this scent and combined with the array of other complimentary notes, it creates a striking, androgynous element.

Libre opens with sparkling and citrusy top notes of Mandarin Oil, Blackcurrant Accord, Petitgrain Oil and Lavandine France Oil before a heady, floral bouquet of heart notes takes hold.

Intoxicating Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Jasmine Grandiflorum India Absolute, Lavender Oil and Orange Flower Absolute create a deep, intense warmth that envelopes your senses and empowers your mind.

 Base Notes of smooth, creamy Madagascan Vanilla, Cedarwood Oil, Ambergris Accord and Musk swirl together in a comforting and luxurious dance to create a deeply intense, bewitching and beguiling fragrance that commands attention.

Unique, captivating and attention stealing, it is a fragrance that draws complimentary remarks whenever I wear it.

An exciting, modern and compelling fragrance, Libre is sophisticated, elegant and powerful, altogether and all at once.

Whether you are looking for a new scent for yourself or someone else, Libre should be up there on your ‘must-try’ list from escentual.

YSL Libre is available now from escentual and at the moment is on offer for £47.60 for 30ml, down from £56.

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