Sunday, 26 January 2020

Cacharel Yes I Am Pink First

You’ll struggle to find a more iconic and striking fragrance bottle than the new Cacharel Yes I Am Pink First.

This sparkling, fun scent has been inspired by the infectious joy of the new generation, for women who have the power to always try to see the positive side of life.

This positivity is reflected in the vibrant, floral-fruity notes of the scent itself and the playful element is apparent in its presentation.

A must-have for all fragrance and makeup lovers, Yes I Am Pink First is housed within a bold lipstick shaped bottle complete with a vibrant, hot-pink hue.

In this instance, the pink is more than just a colour, it is an integral statement of modern femininity.

Striking, confident yet undeniably feminine it manages to capture and convey the duality of strong, empowered women who are also fun loving and playful.

A statement of daring femininity, the fragrance opens with notes of juicy, mouth-watering pear and refreshing raspberry before a floral heart of orange blossom and ginger flower create a soft, spicy experience.

Base notes of creamy sandalwood and aromatic cardamom combine to leave a luminous fragrance with a floriental twist.

Daring and multi-faceted, the fragrance really appeals to me as it manages to capture and reflect the different aspects of the modern day female.

Aesthetically I adore it! A perfume that looks like a lipstick is simply brilliant, and I love the contrast of the sleek, hot pink lipstick with the deep, dark multi-textured tube it sits a-top.

This light and shade element runs throughout the fragrance in terms of its complex notes too. 

Lighthearted, sweet juicy fruits combine with spicy, heady notes to leave an intriguing and addictive fragrance that appeals on so many levels.

Try the new Cacharel Yes I Am Pink First now from The Fragrance Shop where 50ml costs £60.

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