Thursday, 2 January 2020

Panasonic EH-NA98 Nanoe Double Mineral Advanced Hair Dryer

If you’re in the market for a new hairdryer I implore you to read this post.

When is a hairdryer more than just a hairdryer? When it is the Panasonic EH-NA98 Nanoe Double Mineral Advanced Hair Dryer.

This impressively named dryer is so much more than just your regular hair dryer.

This advanced tool is designed to tackle the visible signs of hair damage such as lack of shine, frizz, dryness, dullness and split ends.


I know, I hear ya. “But how?!”

Well let me explain.

This sleek dryer features Panasonic’s Nanoe Double Mineral technology. Double mineral means ions are generated by two zinc electrodes.

These ions penetrate your hair with moisture and tightens the cuticle to keep your locks healthy and elastic whilst also making your hair more damage resistant over time.

The Nanoe aspect is generated by collecting the available moisture in the air. In environments of low temperature and low humidity, moisture becomes difficult to collect. When this occurs, negative ions and generated and these ions are wrapped in water that are invisible to the naked eye.

The dryer uses the electrostatically atomised water molecules to infuse nano-sized moisture into the hair helping it to maintain its natural balance, resulting in healthy, beautiful looking locks that become more resistant to damage over time.

This Nanoe technology is proven to reduce visible hair damage caused by brushing, actively eliminate static, reduce frizz and improve the shine of your hair.

In tests an impressive 88% of users noticed a visible improvement in the condition of their split ends after 5 weeks worth of use.

I didn’t even know a hair dryer could be capable of such incredible hair care results!

The device itself is lightweight, sleek and features a very on-trend rose gold nozzle and detailing.

The dryer is packed full of an impressive array of features, designed to allow you to fully tailor your hair drying experience.

As with most devices it features three power settings where you can choose from gentle airflow, strong airflow or very strong.

Unlike the majority of other dryers it also has FIVE additional settings.

Upon turning the device on it automatically reverts to the ‘Hot’ setting, which as you may expect results in hot air being blown from the outlet.

When the power mode is either set to strong or very strong, you then have the option of pressing and holding the ‘mode’ button located near the top side of the dryer.

Press and hold to switch the mode from hot to ‘hot/cold’ alternating.

In this mode, the appliance detects the surrounding air temperate and switches between hot and cold at appropriate intervals.

Using this setting when your hair is 90% dry with result in added shine, plus offering a blast of the ‘cold’ mode will allow your hair to set and your blowdry to last longer.


Another handy mode is the ‘scalp care’ option.

After drying your hair moisture can often remain on your scalp resulting in discomfort or stickiness, so once your hair is roughly 70% dried switch to the scalp mode and the dryer will gently blow air at approximately 50 degrees to banish any additional moisture.

Is there anything this hair dryer can’t do? Seemingly not. Read on!

You may already be familiar with such useage, though I must confess I haven’t, but this device also has a ‘skincare’ mode.

Perhaps its not SO surprising, after all, once you’ve bathed or showered its not only your hair that requires drying but your body too, so why not take advantage of the dryers nano technology to lock moisture into your skin too?

Place the air outlet at around 20cm away from your skin and move the appliance to the left and right to create a whole new way of drying your skin! Genius!

I am so incredibly impressed by this nanoe and Double Mineral Ions dryer.

Effortless to use, easy to navigate and complete with detailed instructions on each and every setting it is just flawless.

My hair has never looked better or felt softer and I love drying my hair knowing that as well as creating shiny locks, I’m also helping to prevent any further damage. 

How many other people can say that their hair dryer does this?

The Panasonic EH-NA98 Nanoe Double Mineral Advanced Hair Dryer is available now from Very where it is currently on offer for £130, down from the usual RRP of £180.

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