Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Rihanna RiRi Crush

I love a Rihanna fragrance. There are loads of celeb scents out there but personally I find that Rihanna does perfumes really well!

Crush by Rihanna is the second fragrance in her namesake RiRi collection and her eighth fragrance over all, so this girl knows what shes doing!

Designed by Rihanna herself and inspired by the original RiRi bottle, the bottle is chic and luxurious yet also playful and modern. The soft, sweeping curves of the bottle contrast the hard, dappled effect of the gold lid.

It’s the perfect combination of feminine lines and modern, high fashion. A bit like the lady herself!

As for the scent itself, I personally really like it!

It is unmistakably feminine and would be best described as ‘floriental’.

Opening notes of bergamot, juicy mandarin and pink peppercorn create a sweet yet soft experience while mid tones of pink rose, ylang ylang and red berries compliment them perfectly.

Base notes of creamy musk, cedarwood and patchouli round off the scent with soft, musky and seductive tones that together create a beautifully soft and feminine fragrance.

It is the perfect blend of sweet, fruity and floral, which each aspect getting a look in but neither overpowering the other.

It is a really fun, gorgeous scent and one of my favourite Rihanna perfumes.

Rihanna RiRi Crush is available now and costs £36 for 100ml.

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