Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Emma Hardie Plump and Repair Intense Lip Balm

My name is Sarah and I’m a lip balm addict.

I have lip balms, everywhere. On my bedside table, in my car, in every bag I own and pretty much in every room in my house!

I suffer with lips that get dry really easily so I always have one to hand and my new favourite is the Emma Hardie Plump and Repair Intense Lip Balm. 

This gorgeous little balm is beautifully presented in an Emma Hardie brown pouch and encased within a circular, gold case complete with a mirror.

Pretty and compact this balm is beautifully fragrant and wonderfully light. 

The warmth of your finger gently melts the balm and when applied to your lips leaves a super soft, smooth and light sheen.

I was worried that the fact that it is so light meant it would disappear off my lips quickly and leave me needing to constantly re-apply, however it packs a real punch!

It is super hydrating, plumping and managed to soothe my lips when they were really cracked and dry and the soft feeling lasted for ages.

It is a really wonderful little balm and while I realise it is quite pricey at £22, is a must for all Emma Hardie fans and lip balm lovers alike!

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