Thursday, 3 March 2016

Zelens Lip Treatment Oil

Thanks to suffering with lips prone to getting super dehydrated and chapped ALL the time, I’m really into my lip treatment oils right now and one that’s right up there is from Zelens.

Before I go any further, what is a lip treatment oil I head you ask?

Well in a nutshell it’s a lip oil that is jam packed full of fabulous skin and lip loving ingredients to repair, restore and nurture  and protect your lips.

The lip oil from Zelens actually goes one step further than just this and offers anti-ageing properties too thanks to its formula containing 9 plant oils infused with powerful botanicals, vitamins, peptides and other anti-aging ingredients. 

The oil is designed to deliver instant moisture, strengthens the lipid barrier and protects against environmental damage while helping to smooth and fill in fine lines and wrinkles while improving lip texture, plumpness and shape.

All this, from one product? Really?!

Well, lets take a quick look at some of its key ingredients. You’ve got the 9 different plant oils;

Argan oil: Rich in omega-3, this oil helps restore lip moisture while demonstrating anti-inflammatory, healing and regenerative properties.

Squalane: Derived from Mediterranean olive oil, this botanical lipid mimics human skin lipids in molecular structure to help replenish their natural levels. Squalane conditions and hydrates lips, improves elasticity and boosts the lips’ ability to naturally repair. Demonstrates strong antioxidant properties to protect from damaging free radicals.

Wild musk rose oil: This oil has been used for centuries for wound healing. Rich in Vitamin A, musk rose oil promotes lip repair and regeneration. Contains high amounts of omega-3 and omega-6.
Jojoba oil:  This oil, with potent bio-mimetic properties, improves lip moisture and forms a protective barrier for the lips.

Borage oil: Also known as starflower oil, this oil demonstrates strong anti-inflammatory properties. It soothes damaged and irritated lips and alleviates the inflammatory symptoms associated with skin disorders.

Cotton seed oil: This oil has strong emollient properties due to the high amount of unsaturated fatty acids.

Linseed oil: This oil, also known as flax seed oil, is rich in omega-3 and omega-6. Helps to improve moisture and soothe the lips.

Red palm oil: This botanical oil has excellent moisturizing and soothing properties. Rich in vitamin A, palm oil promotes natural lip repair and regeneration. It also demonstrates antioxidant properties.

Shea butter: A natural lipid extracted from the seeds of Shea tree or Karite’. Demonstrates excellent moisturising, softening, smoothing and restructuring properties.

Also packed into this treatment you’ve got ingredients such as Vitamin A, the antioxidant Vitamin E, Hyaluronic acid to help improve lip moisture and to elevate the appearance of lip texture, shape, and volume and two potent peptides that stimulate natural collagen production and lip repair.

That’s to name just a few, the full list of ingredients can be found here, but you get the picture, there’s a LOT of good stuff expertly blended into this oil.

Now, despite its heavy oil content the product itself is actually surprisingly light in texture, which I both like and dislike at the same time.

I like it because it means that application is easy, it feels light and silky and just melts onto your lips perfectly, leaving a lovely non-greasy sheen.

I dislike it because it does wear off fairly quickly which means frequent re-application is on the cards, but that said, with its delicate vanilla scent and lovely nourishing properties, its not much of a hardship.

It also certainly does work, even when my lips are in a real state. Within a couple of days of frequent use my lips have been restored to their former glory and gone are the dry, sore, chapped patches.

In terms of application, they say to use it as needed throughout the day and before bed and this is exactly what I do.

At £40 a tube though it is expensive, so I would perhaps consider using it only when my lips are in a really dire state and in need of some serious TLC.

The Zelens Lip Treatment Oil has quickly found itself a home as one of my 10 must have beauty products and you can treat yourself to one from their website or from Cult Beauty now.

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