Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The DreamGenii Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy has a very clever way of trying to prepare you for life with a newborn baby months before your baby is due to arrive.

As your bump grows, you may find that little thing called sleep harder and harder to achieve, or at least, a decent nights sleep.

 I remember this well from when I had my son. I can’t recall exactly at what stage I started to feel uncomfortable at night and unable to sleep, but it happened!

Thankfully you don’t have to put up with this extremely irritating side effect of pregnancy and this time around I wanted to make sure that I could get as much decent sleep as I could and I knew that in order to achieve this I was going to need a decent pregnancy pillow.

I tried several first time around and while they worked reasonably well, they were big, I mean, HUGE, cumbersome and made turning over in the night a massive ordeal.

This time around I came across DreamGenii and I literally haven’t looked back since.

The DreamGenii support pillow is a multi-award winning product that supports your back, bump and your knees without taking up all the space in your bed. (I can practically hear your partners rejoicing already!)

The pillow features a small cushion for back support, a center panel where you lay, a bump support cushion and leg support.

Unlike some other pregnancy pillows, the DreamGenii’s unique and compact design actually encourages you to sleep on your left side in the recovery position, which if used regularly from the second trimester can encourage your baby to get into the optimum position for birth- winning!

If like me you can’t stay sleeping on one side for too long (I’m talking hip pain in my case) then it also still possible to sleep on your right hand side and thanks to the pillow’s design, it isn’t an ordeal to turn over and you don’t need to flip or move the entire pillow. 

Simply take the bump and leg support out from between your legs, shift onto your other side then place back between your legs. Genius!

This need to move the entire pillow when I wanted to turn over was one of my biggest bug bears in my first pregnancy and the fact that it is so quick and easy with DreamGenii is just perfect.

The support cushions are just the right size- not huge and cumbersome but not too small and soft and the leg support gently elevates your legs while you sleep so that pressure is taken off your back and tummy.

It’s such a blissfully comfortable way of sleeping I only wish I had found it first time around!

The DreamGenii original comes with a removable, washable cover on the pillow and can be used beyond pregnancy as a helpful support when feeding your baby- and trust me, while babies may look small when you’re holding them in the same position for what may feel like forever, you’re going to want some extra support for your arms!

The DreamGenii couldn’t be more aptly named and is in my opinion, the best pregnancy support pillow I’ve come across.

You can get yours now from the DreamGenii website where it costs £47.99.

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