Thursday, 3 March 2016

Lancome Juicy Shaker

 It’s been a while since I’ve been genuinely really excited about a new lip product launch and to say that I was looking forward to this one is a bit of an understatement.

Say hello to the brand new, unique and pretty fabulous Lancome Juicy Shaker.

These extremely cute little tubes contain a blend of pigment and lip loving oils which together create super soft, non-sticky, sheer colour with satin shine.

These Juicy Shakers don’t just resemble a cocktail shakers for fun, in fact, shaking them is all part of creating the luscious tinted lip oil.

A dispersant agent creates pigment diffusion when the bottle is shaken, helping to ensure perfect colour distribution on application.

Speaking of application, allow me to discuss the velvety soft applicator!

Lancome Juicy Shaker in Freedom of Peach

This is Lancome’s first ever cushion applicator for lips and they’ve got it spot on. The  super soft sponge is attached to the lid of the bottle and when the bottle is shaken, the product within is distributed across its conical shape, ready to be swept across your lips.

Its shape allows for easy and precision application and it feels so incredibly soft when you use it, it’s actually a real pleasure and because of the non gloopy formula the oil just glides from the sponge to your lips seamlessly.

Lancome Juicy Shaker in Berry Tale

There are 14 different shades available in the Juicy Shaker range and each is contain the same lip loving oils. You’ve got Peach kernel oil, Sweet almond oil, Cranberry oil, Omega 3 and 6 and Musk rose oil. 

You’ll also be treated to a sensory experience as each shade is infused with sweet and juicy fragrances, very reminiscent of their Juicy Tubes!

I was always a big fan of Juicy Tubes and delighted in collecting as many of them as I could but I have to be honest, I think I love these far more.

If you’re after a really pigmented product, these aren’t going to be for you. While you can build the colour to an extent, they are very sheer in appearance. 

That said, the formula is much more to my liking thanks to its super light, silky texture that doesn’t leave your lips feeling tacky or sticky. 

They remind me somewhat of a lip treatment oil and although they need frequent re-application, it’s a pleasure rather than a chore.

Lancome’s new Juicy Shaker’s are available In Selfridges and from now and Nationwide on March 16th where they cost £18 each.


  1. These are so cute! i did expect them to be a bit more pigmented though shame...

  2. I'm really curious about these. I spotted some people tweeting a link where you could pop in your details and they might send you one to try so I did and there's one on the way to me. I can't wait to see what it's like! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  3. These are a great idea! So many people have been raving about these and I definitely need to try some:)

    Emily xo


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