Monday, 21 March 2016

Lindt Lindor Shell Easter Egg

We all have our favourite brand of Chocolate and if you’re a bit of a chocoholic, like me, then you’ll understand why Easter excites me so!

Whatever the brand is that you love you can guarantee that they’ll be bringing out a plethora of yummy goodies for Easter.

One of my favourite chocolate brands is Lindt and I have a bit of an addiction to their Lindor Milk Truffle chocolates.

If you haven’t tried these little balls of pure joy before you are SERIOUSLY missing out. 

Each truffle features a delicious Lindt milk chocolate shell and contains a deliciously smooth and soft filling that melts in your mouth. To say they are moreish is a huge understatement!

For that reason my Easter Egg of choice this year is the Lindt Lindor Shell Egg.

Presented beautifully this large hollow milk egg is wrapped in the brand’s traditional and familiar colours of gold and vibrant red, with a cute neat bow wrapped around the middle of the egg.

There are also 8 mini Lindor Easter Egg truffles, which feature the same delicious filling as the original spherical Lindor’s.

It’s a beautifully presented Easter Egg but lets be honest, when it tastes THAT good It really doesn’t matter to me how its packaged!

Get your Lindt Lindor Shell Egg now for £10.99.

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