Friday, 5 October 2012

M.A.C Marilyn Monroe Collection

Yesterday lunch time saw me hot foot it over to my nearest M.A.C store to get hold of some pieces from the brand new, Limited Edition Marilyn Monroe Collection.

 You all know how mad I am about all things Marilyn and I just HAD to have them.

I actually ordered several of the lipsticks and the beauty powder from the collection when it went online several days ahead of the in store launch, but I just couldn’t wait for them to be delivered so bought more!

Patience is virtue I don’t possess!

And so, here is my first post on this gorgeous range.

As mentioned, i did buy almost all of the lippies.

 But this post features two of them, Deeply Adored & Pure Zen (£15.50 each) , the two shades at polar opposites of the range.

Pure Zen is a gorgeous, nude cremesheen lippie which is probably the most hydrating of all of the lippies in the collection.

It is a pretty, almost peachy  colour which will compliment a multitude of skin tones.

Deeply Adored is a deep, extremely pigmented, matte scarlet red, which i could definitely imagine Marilyn sporting!

While slightly more difficult to apply due to the fact that its texture is more mattified, it is a stunning, rich shade which is absolutely stunning.

There are two blushers to choose from, Legendary which is a very neutral, peachy blush and Perfect Cheek (£19 each), which I decided to get.

Perfect Cheek is  pretty, soft, feminine pink that adds only a touch of colour but has a lovely luminous effect on the skin.

Stay tuned for further posts and reviews of the Beauty Powder, the Lippie Love Goddess and Charmed I’m Sure along with the Nail lacquer in Vintage Vamp



  1. I love the lipsticks and blush! The blush is already sold out :( Just wish they weren't so expensive!

  2. that red shade and blush is gorgeous! cant say i love the packaging, but the colors are lovely!

  3. Love the nude lipstick and the blush :)! xx

  4. ta proionta tis MAC einai panta teleia kai me entipwsiazoun!
    eimai polu eyxaristimeni,to kokkino kragion eksairetiko!
    to blog soy einai poly endiaferon,perna ama theleis kai apo to diko mou
    kai elpizw na ta leme!!

  5. beautiful I love the lipsticks xx

  6. I have the blush from another collection and I picked up Pure Zen. I wanted one of the eyeshadows, but I couldn't get a hold of them!


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