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Interview Beauty Blunders

Ok so i didn’t write this guys, but I thought it was a fab and interesting piece to feature, so courtesy Of Debenhams, please enjoy.

Interview Beauty Blunders

Survey reveals the real reasons you’re not getting that job

Your beauty regime now holds the key to securing that dream job, according to Debenhams’ Beauty Hall.

They say it takes 30 seconds for interviewers to make their minds up about a candidate, but  it could be down to a set of beauty blunders many people aren’t even aware of, that makes or breaks an interview.

Even Katy Perry cant pull this off

Chipped nails, split ends and smudged mascara top the list of cosmetic catastrophes that put interviewers off a candidate.

Untidy chipped nail polish is a complete no-no, with interviewers rating it their worst beauty blunder, and the first thing they notice as they shake hands upon arrival.

Split ends indicate laziness, while smudged mascara is the true sign of a party animal who would quite happily ditch the boardroom for the bar.

Chipped nails say you are unprepared

A slick of bright red lipstick, heavily pencilled brows and overpowering perfume reveal an overconfident personality. Fake tan implies the candidate loves a holiday and would swap reports for Ray-bans given half a chance. 

A worrying absence of mascara hints at a potential emotional wreck who wastes no time in putting on what will inevitably be cried off within a couple of hours.

The common ‘lipstick on teeth’ scenario automatically implies carelessness, while a strong line of foundation highlights a lack of attention to detail. 

Sort out your split ends you lazy girl!

Far from being alluring and mysterious, a drawn on fake beauty spot makes an interviewer doubt the honesty of a candidate.

  But it seems women cannot win – an immaculately made-up face tells the interviewer to watch out for their job, as this candidate means business and is probably going to be hot on their heels for the next promotion.

Tut tut. So careless!
Debenhams Beauty Director Sara Stern says: “Clearly the application of make-up and fragrance is just as important as making sure your outfit is clean and ironed ahead of an interview.  It seems a more natural-looking middle ground is the way to go for sure-fire success.”

 List of beauty blunders are;

Most hated beauty blunders
What they see
What they think
Chipped nails
Split ends
Smudged mascara
Party animal
Fake tan
Loves a holiday
Bright red lipstick
Power crazy
Heavily pencilled brows
Too confident/cocky
Overpowering perfume
Attention seeker
Lipstick on teeth
No mascara
Emotional wreck
Line of foundation
Lack of attention to detail
Drawn on beauty spot
100% immaculate
Gunning for boss’s job

Now is the time to perfect your professional look as Debenhams Beauty Club is currently offering 1000 bonus points when you spend £50 on beauty and fragrance between 1 and 21 October 2012.


  1. I found this really interesting! I definitely toned down my normal look for interviews, I think a natural, tidy look is best. But it's interesting to hear about the 1% thinking that if you're immaculate, you're after the boss's job! x

  2. I don't see how absence of mascara hints at you being an emotional wreck! Some people might prefer not to wear mascara, I have short lashes, so even with mascara on it looks like I have no lashes anyway...

    I find this article is another way of criticising and stereotyping woman on the way they choose to dress themselves. It was an interesting read but I'd be interested to know if the people surveyed were mostly men. Women don't have to dress and behave like men to get ahead in their career!

  3. I read this study last week and the part that made me laugh the most was "split ends". I don't think I've ever been close enough to a colleague to see their split ends!

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