Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Indeed Labs Launch Eysilix

Last night I attended  the weird but wonderful launch of a new product from the makers of Nanoblur.

Welcome to The Indeed House of Dreams, Where Beauty Wishes Come True!

Delicious mini cupcakes!

Cool tag line eh, and the launch really was very dream-esq and wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Tim Burton Movie!
 The premise of the wacky launch is that Indeed Labs can make your beauty wishes come true.

Katy Perry eat your heart out! (Im on the left by the way...)
 If you want a flawless complexion, give Nanoblur a go.

Want a hand tacking anti ageing problems? Try Snoxin

Long for long, thick eyelashes?  It’s Peptalash  you need.

Champagne, Sweets & Eysilix. What more could a girl need!

Plagued by crow’s feet, dark and puffy eyes? Then say hello to their newest product.

Eysilix is a 5 in 1 contour treatment that instantly lifts and reduces puffiness and dark circles. It targets fine lines and wrinkles while nourishing and re-energizing the eye area.

No, I haven’t road tested this product yet, but as soon as I do you’ll all know about it, and if its results are anything like Nanoblur, I’m sure to be impressed!

Eysilix is available now from Boots and retails at £24.99.

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