Monday, 26 September 2011

Vicious Lips Temporary Lip Tattoo

Be honest, how much did you love Jessie J’s lips in the video for ‘Do it like a Dude?’

You know the ones i mean, the shot where her lips are covered in tiny, black, diamond looking, glittering jewels.

While perhaps not totally practical for a night out- think trying to drink your favourite glass of vino and the diamante's clinking on the glass or worse still, falling off into it, they are stunning.

Jessie J's Lips in Do It Like a Dude

I have found a far more practical and sensible alternative for you in the form of Vicious Lips from Lynx Nails & Beauty.

Vicious lips are a range of temporary lip tattoos which are available in 8 different patterns. For £6.95 you can grab a pack of 3 different styles.

They are FDA approved, are non toxic and made with vegetable dye so they are not full of anything nasty and won’t cause irritation to your lips.

So, how do they work? Well its actually really simple and they work in the same as temporary tattoos which you would use on your skin; place against the lips, wet the paper with water and peel off. Simple!

While i appreciate that these will not be suitable for every night out, for a big party, fancy dress or just to impress your mates they are a great idea. They look incredibly professional, have amazing lasting power (up to 8 hours) and they won’t come off when you have a drink.

See below for a step by step guide of how to apply the lip tattoos- im rubbish at DIY instructions but this is really simple.
This is how the lip tattoo looks to begin with

Cut in half horizontally

Apply a brightly coloured gloss or lipstick to your lips

'Kiss' the paper side of the lip tattoo sheet to leave the shape of your lips visible

Cut around the template of your lips left by the gloss or lipstick

Remove the plastic layer from the coloured side of the sheet and place firmly against your lips. Wet the paper side with water until the transfer is on your lips and the paper slides off

Repeat with bottom lip and voila!

You are now sporting a unique look on your lips!



  1. I am 36 years old but I REEEALLLYY want to try this.

  2. I actually love this! It looks so good!!

  3. I didnt expect to like them and thought they might be a bit rubbish but i found myself giggling away & walking around the house with them on! They stick really well too, had to work hard at getting them off before the Mr came home!

  4. wouldn't you be better served using the original product violent lips and not the knock off?

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  6. Cool, never seen these 'in action' before. :)

  7. This is so cool!! I want to try!

  8. Wow that look really awesome, i HAVE to try some haha x

    Sophie x

  9. Love the way you've shown how to do this, I wrote about them earlier today, wish I'd seen this post!

  10. There are millions of men and women around the world that think about getting lip tattoos on their lips.


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