Monday, 19 September 2011

Kleenex Facial Cleansing Range

Cleansing wipes are one of my favourite beauty items.

There is literally nothing better than after wearing your make up for 12 hours or so, coming home, removing a wonderfully damp cleansing wipe from its packet and gliding it over your face.

I love feeling the soothing cool of the wipe removing my make up and refreshing my skin ready for a relaxing evening.

Given my love for these wipes i was most excited to see that a brand new range is hitting our shelves this month courtesy of Kleenex- Yes, the very brand that brings you the tissues which you rely upon for when you have the sniffles, to wipe away your tears and perhaps in your teen years, to stuff your bra’s with....perhaps.

There are 4 new products in the range;

Facial Cleansing wipes and Eye make up remover wipes which are wonderful. Unlike many wipes which feel quite dry and rough, the wipes are lovely and damp, quilted and contain natural fibres which are gentle and effective at removing your makeup mask at the end of the day (Hence the pretty masks on the packaging, duh!) 

Suitable for sensitive skin, the eye make up remover wipes even get rid of waterproof mascara and their unscented, delicate formula doesn’t dry your skin out.

Their Facial cloths are something which i haven’t seen before.  They are large, gentle, quilted, soft sheets made from natural fibres  which you can use instead of cotton wool to apply cleanser or toner and are strong enough to sue dry or wet, so you can use them to remove face masks and even nail polish.

I like this item as i have a nasty habit of getting cotton wool fibres in my eyes after carelessly using it on my face!

Their fourth and final item is brilliant. Their Shine Absorbing Sheets are an item i have been looking for for about 10 years after Clean & Clear got rid of their blue, oil controlling sheets.

The sheets are a gorgeous purple on one side and lovely patterned purple on another. Gently dab and hold the plain side of the sheet to your face where you experience excess oil and grease and see it appear on the sheet and leave your face, all without disturbing your make up. Genius. 

I know that there are other shine absorbing sheets out there but most of them include a thin layer of powder to help blot the grease away, which is you use too often leads to a build up on your skin, and your make up ends up looks cakey.

These do nothing but remove the oil and leave you looking matte-nificantly gorgeous!

The range is available now from Superdrug. The wipes are a very reasonable  £2.99 for 24 wipes, the Facial Clothes are £1.99 for 30 and the Shine Absorbing Sheets are £2.99 for 30.


  1. Wow! This is great products indeed, i want to try the Shine Absorbing Sheets since I do have an Oily Face. Thanks for the info, dear!

  2. Ooo i think I'll be giving these a go! :)
    Lucy x

  3. I really love the look of this new range, they have a great variety and they're trusted by so many homeowners.


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