Thursday, 1 September 2011

Lauren Conrad speaks to I Am Fabulicious

This lady needs no introduction.

Star of Laguna Beach and The Hills, Lauren Conrad is know around the world for her style and beauty (as well as for Speidi gate)- True fans, you know what im talking about.

I am Fabulicious took some time out to speak to her about her fab website Lauren Conrad , dedicated to all things beauty and fashion and to find out more about what’s in store for LC.

Lauren, its a pleasure to speak to you! Please can you tell I Am Fabulicious what’s in your make up bag today?

I always have powder and blotting papers, liquid eyeliner and some sort of clear lip balm.

What made you decide to create your gorgeous website?

 So many fans ask me about my hair and makeup and i really learned so much from my long time glam team so i felt it would be nice to share the tricks of the trade with all my fans. Every girl should have the ability to learn the secrets that the Hollywood stars use to be so glamorous and beautiful.

Have the products you use and the way you look after your skin changed since becoming a fashion and beauty icon?

Some things have changed just because i have been exposed to more brands and products. But some things don’t ever change. If you find a product you love that works i always feel there is no reason to change for the sake of what is new and hot. There are few cleansers that can rival Cetaphil in terms of being gentle, removing all makeup and being effective.

Did The Hills girls ever share beauty tips with each other?

Girls will be girls and i think it is natural for friends to share tricks and tips

Lauren with her the Hills co stars

Do you keeping touch with any of your co stars?

I live with Lo and i keep in touch with a lot of my co stars when schedules permit

 When do you feel most beautiful?

The sun isn’t good for you in excess but in moderation it can be a great way to get the blood flowing, get some vitamin D and really feel alive and healthy. So while i always advocate sunscreen and hats i do feel a little bit of outdoors is a good thing and that is when i feel most beautiful – when i am outside in fresh air by the ocean

 What is your all time favourite beauty brand and why?

There is no way to choose just one brand. My makeup bag is a mix of everything from Cle de peau to L’oreal to Maybelline to Chanel to Revlon. Honestly there is so much to choose from

Do you have a beauty Icon? If so, who?

My mother and grandmother. They both have such natural beauty

 What was the best piece of beauty advice you have ever been given?

Don’t overdo it. Makeup shouldn’t look like a mask. Let your skin breathe

 What’s next for Lauren Conrad?

I continue to work on my 2 sites, and as well as working on my Kohls line LC Lauren Conrad and i am also launching a specialty line this month called paper crown. In addition, my next series of books will come out in 201.



  1. I bloomign loved LC on the Hills! shes so pretty

  2. I love her beauty icons.

  3. I am totally jealous!! I love love love LC!! great interview xx

  4. I honestly think that she is the best celeb beauty/hair/fashion icon today. She can do no wrong. Love her!

  5. Ahh jealous you got to interview! :) She gorgeous.
    Lucy x

  6. how do u get to interview her? and is it in person, over the phone, thru email?

  7. You actually interviewed Lauren Conrad! I officially love you. Haha!

    Another great interview hun xxx

  8. when I saw the last photo... you just reminded me how much I want to have hot rollers! hehe

  9. This is a great interview, I'm so jealous you got to speak with Lauren- I LOVE her! xx

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