Friday, 18 November 2022

The Winter Wellbeing Wonders Candle Trio from Neom


Is it just me, or when the nights draw in and the weather chills, I find myself longing for cosy nights with a beautifully scented home.

I simply love the ambience and aroma created by burning scented candles.

Actually, I love everything about them, from the warm, autumnal glow of the flickering flame to the elegant, invisible wisps of fragrance that gradually fill your room, creating an aura of peace, relaxation and enjoyment. 


For these reasons I always find scented candles are one of my go-to products when gifting at Christmas, because everyone should get to enjoy the feeling of homeliness and peach in their home, particularly at this time of the year.

Neom are well known for their exquisite candles and this Christmas they have launched an absolutely stunning gift set featuring three wonderfully scented candles.

Feature fan favourites along with one of their newest scents, The Winter Wellbeing Wonders Candle Trio is one of those gifts that you can smell before you see.



And wow do they smell incredible.

Beautifully presented within an elegant hot pink and gold striped rectangular box you’ll find three spectacular hand poured candles to bring warmth, light and joy into your home.

Housed within an iridescent, pearlized white jar you’ll find the Christmas Wish Scented Travel Candle.



Featuring a comforting blend of 13 essential oils including mandarin, cinnamon and tonka bean, this blissfully scented candle will help you to find inner peace and encourage relaxation.

A soft, musky scent you can really catch the notes of warming cinnamon as it fills the room. 



Perfect Peace sits inside a pretty teal jar and boasts a sparkling blend of 25 essential oils including pine, myrrh and lime peel. 

 Vibrant and uplifting, the zesty notes of lime mingle with festive pine to create a light, fresh fragrant experience.



Cosy Nights, nestled within a bonfire orange coloured jar offers a rich blend of essential oils including sandalwood, frankincense and nutmeg.

As its name may suggest, its creates an aura of warmth and snugness.

Comforting and deeply aromatic, it evokes memories of snuggling by an open fire on a cosy winter night.



Simply stunning, all three of them.

To get the most out of your candles it is recommended that you burn them for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 at a time.

Allow the candles to fully pool to ensure the wax burns evenly and remember to trim the wicks before every use to no shorter than 1cm.



Why not burn more than one candle at a time to create a truly bespoke fragrant experience and don’t forget to practice mindful breathing techniques to increase your sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

The Winter Wellbeing Wonders Candle Trio from Neom is available online now and costs £45.


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