Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Nails INC Cute But Cookie Scented Nail Polish Set


Get your sweetest sparkle on this festive season with Nails INC ‘s Cute But Cookie 4-Piece Cookie-Scented Nail Polish Set.

This adorable little set is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth thanks to its selection of baked goods toned polishes, each of which is fragranced with, you guessed it, a freshly baked cookie scent!


But, why? I hear you ask.

Well, why not is how I would respond!

Why have just regular nail polish when you can have one that smells like freshly baked sweet treats?!



Presented within a soft, baby pink box with images of chocolate chip cookies, you can see the shades within through a window at the front.

Inside you’ll find the following shades;



Chip Street: A pinky/nude hue 



Bakers Passage: A soft chocolate brown 



Sugar Lane: Glittering gold 



Bakery Close: A cool, dark brown

Each polish features Nail INC’s patented wide-hugging brush, ergonomically designed to work with the shape of your nail, minimising the amount of strokes required for an even finish.

Great for precise, easy application the polishes also boasts a long-wearing, chip resistant formula so your nails will stay looking tip top for longer.



Great for wearing as they come or mixing and matching to create bespoke looks, the polishes are beautifully pigmented.

Two coats creates an even, glossy finish and once dried you’ll detect the sweet, soft aroma of cookies, which I noticed every time I moved my hands around.


 Priced at £22 for the set, it would make a really lovely gift for someone this Christmas.

Available now from Sephora, you can save 15% by using my unique discount code SARAHSPH bringing the price down to £18.70.


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