Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Philosophy Cinnamon Sugared Apples Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath


From hereon in you’ll find me slowly easing myself into the Christmas spirit, and I’ve begun by indulging in one of my favourite festive traditions.

Each year I wait eagerly to discover what the new limited edition Philosophy Festive scents will be and this year they’ve created what could be my all-time favourite.

Please give a warm welcome to the new Cinnamon Sugared Apples Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath.


Now, say what you want about bubble baths and shower gels, but for me, Philosophy are the crème de la crème at creating the most deliciously sumptuous bathing products.

Exquisitely scented, luxurious in texture and capable of producing a tub full of plentiful, frothy bubbles, they are my go-to-bathing brand of choice.

As always there are a several limited edition festive fragrances available, Skating In The Snow, Under The Mistletoe, Snow Angel and Candy Cane being the others.


Skating In The Snow features soft notes of sweet jasmine, offering a fresh, floral experience.

Under the Mistletoe stays with the floral vibes with delicate violet blossoms and lily of the valley, Snow Angel boasts sparkling notes of crisp fuji apple and fresh air mingling with white flower while Candy Cane boats gourmand notes of crisp peppermint blended with sweet vanilla.

But. For me, it is all about Cinnamon Sugared Apples.



The rich, golden caramel-esq gel swirls inside the statuesque bottle with black cap inviting you to unleash its addictive aroma.

This wonderfully warming and comforting scent is underpinned with the spicy warmth that emanates from cinnamon.

Meanwhile, soft, sweet notes of caramelised sugar mingle with the crisp, sweetness of fresh, juicy apples creating a deliciously decadent festive aroma that cocoons you in a sense of comfort, relaxation and peace.



A multi-tasking superhero, you can use this rich, creamy yet gentle formula as a shampoo, shower gel or bubble bath, meaning you can totally layer your scent!

The only problem? You’ll find yourself never wanting to leave the bath again!

Philosophy’s Limited Edition Cinnamon Sugared Apples Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath is available now along with the rest of their festive scents and cost £16 each.


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