Wednesday, 2 December 2020

WoodWick Trilogy Holiday Cheer Candle

 I bloomin’ love a scented candle, no more so than at Christmas.

There is something  so pleasurable and comforting about stepping into a room filled with a beautiful festive scent to really lift your mood and I’ve discovered the ultimate candle to do just this.

Say hello to the Woodwick Trilogy Holiday Cheer candle (£29.99).



This tall, elegant hourglass shaped candle features three unique elements which together create a deeply soothing atmosphere throughout your home.

This candle doesn’t just smell incredible though, it SOUNDS amazing too.

Yeah, you did read that right.

This candle creates a unique multi-sensory experience.

But how can a candle sound relaxing? Well, I’ll tell you!



This Woodwick piece features a patented wick design called Pluswick.

In essence, the wick has been made from organic wood to create not just a better burn and fast fragrance, but it also offers a soothing, authentic crackle as it burns.

Ever sat in front of an open fire and enjoyed the atmospheric crackling sound as the wood burns? Well this candle replicates that very same experience.

Its cross shaped design fills your room with fragrance up to five times faster than standard cotton wick, produces a slow, soot free burn and boasts a very impressive 180 hours of burn time.



The candle features a solid, wooden lid which doubles up as a protective base for the candle to stand on to protect your surfaces and you won’t be left with a messy residue on the sides of your jar.

Holiday Cheer is a gorgeous scent comprising of three individual elements.

The scent is made up from Caramel Toasted Sesame, Cinnamon Chai and Spiced Blackberry which together create a delicious, warm fruity fragrance that is perfect for calming the mind and body whilst awakening your senses.

Imagine a buttery, flaky vanilla drizzled pastry with a rich, blackberry and cinnamon centre and you’ve got Holiday Cheer.



The Caramel Toasted Sesame element offers the sweet relaxing scent of a warm toasted sesame, pecan and maple toffee with a splash of bourbon and vanilla as a treat on a winter’s day.

Cinnamon Chai encourages relaxation as it emits fragrances of warm spicy cinnamon and rich vanilla notes.

Finally, Spiced Blackberry creates a warm, fruity aroma full of rich blackberry and cinnamon with a soft hint of vanilla. 



Decadent, luxurious and divine, it is the candle of my dreams.

Woodwick’s Trilogy Holiday Cheer candle is available now and costs £29.99 for a large candle like the one pictured.


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