Monday, 14 December 2020

Neom Perfect Peace Scented Candle

 Give the gift of happiness this Christmas with Neom’s Perfect Peace Scented Candle (1 wick £32).

Beautifully presented in a vibrant yellow, white and rose gold gift box you’ll find a wonderfully serene scented candle that boasts up to 35 hours of burning time.



This sparkling candle features a blend of 25 pure essential oils including pine, myrrh and lime peel to effortless melt away tension and fill your home with a bright, uplifting festive scent.

Captured within an elegant, rose gold glass with the words ‘Happy Mind Happy Life’, this candle really does bring a little bit of happy into your home.

One of the key elements to the candle is Pine which has a cleansing effect on the mind.



It helps to relieve mental fatigue while instilling a sense of calm and contentment.

Lime peel offers a refreshing, clean experience and Myrrh, aside from being a very festive scent, has long been used in meditation for its relaxing qualities, allowing you to sit back, relax and de-stress. 



To get the most out of the beautiful aroma, it is recommended that you inhale the relaxing fragrance while practicing mindful breathing techniques.

Breathe in through your nose for 7 seconds and out through your mouth slowly for 11 seconds.

Feel the stresses and strains of the day leave your body with exhale and enjoy the luxurious, comforting fragrance.



For maximum effect burn the candle for a minimum of 2 hours at a time and for no longer than 4, ensuring that you trim the wicks before every use no shorter than 1 cm.

A wonderful, thoughtful and opulent gift, Neom’s Perfect Peace Scented Candle is available now and costs £32.


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