Monday, 26 March 2018

Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pure Nectar

L’Eau d’Issey Pure Nectar de Parfum is the beautiful new spring-time scent from Issey Miyake.

This delightful, fruity-floral scent is the third edition to launch from the iconic brand. 

Retaining the original concept that at the source of L’Eau d’Issey there is a single, rare drop of water in its purest form, Pure Nectar is a representation of the process that results in a flower’s precious nectar.

“Nectar is the ultimate stage in the metamorphosis of water, from sea to dew and from dew to rose.
A petal turns into a blossoming flower, yielding a drop that captures its purest perfume... its nectar.... and dew turns into nectar.”

Indeed its concept of a single ‘drop’ is once again reflected in the appearance of its tall, elegant tear-shaped bottle.

Its exquisite copper and rose gold hues have been purposefully used not just to create a stunning vessel but to reflect the radiant rose nectar within.

It really is the most gorgeous bottle, both in its sleek and chic shape and its eye catching, warm and stunning tones.

It is so much more than just its bottle though. This fragrance is literally like spring captured.

Pure Nectar opens with notes of soft, sweet, tender pear drenched in golden, delicate, aromatic honey.

This sweet freshness gives way to heart notes of dew-pearled rose petals, sweet and soft and instantly recognisable as a beautiful floral boutique.

Base notes of creamy Sandalwood then blend seamlessly with sandy and salty ambergris to create a succulent and soft experience while cashmeran accord rounds off the scent with the signature Eau d’Issey note.

I love the complexity of this fragrance.

It somehow manages to be both fruity and floral, light and creamy, bewitching yet breezy and undeniably delicately feminine.

It is a fragrance that exudes new beginnings, new life and in essence, spring.

 It is a beautiful perfume to look at as well as to wear and is nothing short of enchanting.

The delightful Issey Miyake L’Eau d’Issey Pure Nectar is available now and costs £77.50 for 90ml from The Fragrance Shop.

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