Thursday, 1 March 2018

Lee Stafford Choco Locks Collection

Don’t you just love it when a Chocolate treat comes along that you can whole heartedly indulge in without worrying about your waist line!

Thank you Lee Stafford for your deliciously edible new Choco Locks range of products that literally smell good enough to eat!

Choco Locks is the new illuminating haircare collection that promises shiny, healthy, glossy hair all thanks to your favourite sweet treat. Chocolate.

Choco Locks range of products harnesses the powerful antioxidant and shine boosting properties of chocolate to leave your hair feeling nourished, smelling delectable and looking stunning
I was lucky enough to give two products from the line a go.

First up is their Choco Locks Butter Cream Treatment (£7.99)

This thick, rich hair conditioning treatment is packed full of antioxidants and nutrients to smooth cuticles and revive dull, lifeless hair.

 Applied on damp hair after shampooing, the first thing that stuck me was its incredible smell. It really does hand on heart smell like chocolate!

Creamy and thick it clings onto your tired, dry hair and offers a powerful and almost instant hit of moisture and nourishment.

I left the cream on for around 5 minutes before rinsing off to reveal silky soft hair that glided through my brush rather than the usual tangled mess I’m faced with!

Once blow dried I did notice that it left my hair ever-so-slighty static, but man did it smell good and it felt lovely and soft.

The other product I tried was their Gloss Boss spray (£6.99)

Designed to be used a shine-inducing finishing spray, this chocolate scented mist most certainly delivers.

Non sticky, not at all oily and super lightweight it doesn’t weigh your hair down but creates stunning mirror-like shine on blow dried hair when spritzed sparingly over the length of your hair.

It actually helps to smooth the hair and leave it feeling even silkier than before too which is an added bonus.

Plus of course there’s the fact that it smells like a warm, sweet, comforting hot chocolate!

My husband NEVER comments on my hair and even he hovered slightly longer than usual when giving me a hug to breathe in the delicious chocolately scent which now followed me around!

Delicious, decadent and affordable the new Lee Stafford Choco Locks range is a gorgeous addition to his line of products. I only hope they hang around long enough for me to get to try their Shampoo and conditioner (£6.99 each) and Chocolate Shake (£7.99) too!

Lee Stafford’s Choco Locks collection is available now exclusively at Boots.


  1. Sounds great, I love Lee Stafford products and chocolate scented is a bonus.

    Jenna Suth: Beauty, Fashion & All Things Girly

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