Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Cadbury's Easter Offerings 2018

It’s that time of the year again!

With Easter just 4 days away its time to wake up and smell the chocolate, remember that it IS only 4 days away and head to the local shops to panic buy 5 billion eggs for friends and family.

Ok so I may have just been describing what happens in my house. I’m sure you’re all much more organised than me. Anyway, I digress.

When it comes to choosing Easter eggs there really is only one brand for us and that is Cadburys.

Classic, sweet and delicious it is the favourite brand throughout my family and thanks to their expansive range of eggs and gifts of differing shapes, sizes and prices there really is an egg for everyone.

Of this year’s offerings several stood out to me as winners guaranteed to put smiles on the faces of everyone from my almost-2-year-old to her grandad.

First up is this super cute Cadbury Dairy Milk Peter Rabbit Easter Egg and Toy Pack (RRP £6.99).

This gorgeous gift contains a simple yet scrummy child-sized Cadbury easter egg with a cuddly Peter Rabbit or Flopsy soft toy from the new Peter Rabbit film which is out at cinemas now.

I don’t like to ply my little ones with huge amounts of chocolate at Easter so this gift is perfect!

Just look at cute the bunny is and trust me, after they’ve seen the film they are definitely going to want one of these!

For £6.99 I think it’s a pretty fab price for the toy and chocolate- you’ll pay more than that for other brands of Peter Rabbit soft toys so it’s a double winner in my opinion.
Another top pick of mine is the Wispa Gold Egg. This large egg comes with two full sized Wispa gold bars and is just beyond delicious.

I’ve always loved the lightness of a Wispa bar and love the added decadence of caramel in the Wispa Golds so for me this ticks every box going!

Last but by no means least is the crème de la crème of Cadburys Easter 2018 picks- Friends, meet the Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut Ultimate Easter Egg.

With a slightly more expensive RRP of £12 this huge egg is very special.

If you are a fan of the humble fruit and nut bar, prepare to have your dreams realised as Cadbury have created an egg which contains hidden pieces of fruit and nut within the shell itself.

Yep. The egg is essentially a fruit and nut bar.

Mind. Blown.

If that wasn’t enough to satisfy you there’s also a sharing bar of Fruit & Nut included too.

Quite frankly I think this is an inspired move by Cadbury who have also added this extra special touch to their Daim egg too.

Bravo Cadbury, looks like we’ll be having a Fruit & Nut and Dairy Milk Easter in our household this year!

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