Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Sensodyne Pronamel Strong & Bright Enamel

I hear so many of my friends and family complain that they would love to have whiter teeth. If I’m honest, I’m one of those people too.

I got to the hairdressers regularly to ensure my locks are looked after, pamper my skin with quality products to try and keep it looking it best and ensure that I cleanse, tone and moisturise every single day.

Of course, I brush my teeth twice a day too, as I’m sure (or at least I really hope!) most of you do too, but has it ever occurred to you that the fate of your smile could actually be in your own hands?

Something as small as switching toothpaste could make a HUGE difference to your appearance and how you feel about your smile.

With this in mind I decided to make a chance and switch my regular toothpaste for Sensodyne’s new Pronamel Strong & Bright Enamel toothpaste.

I’ve never tried a Sensodyne toothpaste before as I always associated it with being for people with sensitive teeth, something I don’t suffer with, but when I heard about the potential benefits of using this new toothpaste I knew I had to try it.

Why? Here’s why.

Sensodyne’s new Pronamel Strong & Bright Enamel has been specially formulated to make your enamel more resistant to the effects of acidic food and drink. 

On a purely superficial level, acid wear can cause your teeth to take on a dull, yellowed or translucent appearance leaving them not looking as vibrant as they could.

On a more serious level once your enamel has been damaged it cannot regrow so it is so important to take steps to protect it.

This is where Pronamel Strong & Bright Enamel comes in as it has been clinically proven to strengthen enamel whilst brightening teeth.

So, acid erosion is the weakening process that can lead to acid wear, which is the irreversible loss of precious tooth enamel surface. 

Acid wear is primarily caused by the acids contained in many everyday foods and drinks, even some healthy choices like fruit, juices and salad dressings. Bugger!

When this acid comes into contact with your teeth, the hard enamel temporarily softens, leaving it more vulnerable to being worn away, which as mentioned earlier is not good as once its been damaged, that’s it.

Lucky for us the ingredients within Pronamel Strong & Bright Enamel not only help to give you whiter teeth but they actively help to strengthen your precious tooth enamel and continue to protect against every day acids.

Sounds like a winner all round right?

I have been using this toothpaste twice daily for a month now and I’m really impressed by the results.
The paste itself possesses a really nice taste and leaves your breath minty fresh and your teeth feeling polished to perfection and sparkily clean.

There’s something very satisfying in knowing that while cleaning your teeth your both delivering much needed minerals into your enamel as well as polishing away stains for a brighter, beautiful smile!

After using this daily for a month I knew it had made a difference to my appearance as my husband actually commented and asked if id been to the dental hygienist to have my teeth professionally clean. Result!

Better still, you can get all this protection and brightness for a purse busting £5!

It’s safe to say I shant be switching back to my old toothpaste now. I’m a Sensodyne convert for life!

Sensodyne’s Pronamel Strong & Bright Enamel is available to buy at Tesco, Boots and Superdrug and is priced at £5.00.

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