Monday, 18 December 2017

Ari by Ariana Grande Gift Set

If you’re an Ariana Grande fan or simply love her scent Ari then this gift set is going to be right up your street!

Ari is the mega star’s debit scent and is everything you might expect from the gorgeous songstress!

Housed within the most beautiful, multifaceted bottle, this blush pink gem features rose gold accents and exudes elegance and yet also, a touch of playfulness.

The bottle includes a cute, plush removable pom pom, hinting at the playful element of the stars personality and style and together the gem and pom pom create a really original and distinctively feminine vessel!

It is the perfect outward reflection of the inner scent itself which too is both unquestionably sweet and feminine, yet whimsical and light hearted.

The fragrance was inspired by Grande’s personality and the star says of the scent;

“I love fragrance, it is something I have been obsessed with all my life. As a fragrance debut of my very own, I really wanted it to be personal, that’s why I named it ARI. I love everything about it. It is so fun and true to me. The scent is sweet, yet sexy, with some surprises underneath. ”

Sweet it certainly is.

 Ari opens with top notes of juicy pear, pink grapefruit and sweet raspberries, offering a delicious and fruit experience. Heart notes of soft muguet blend with rose buds and vanilla orchid to tone down the sweetness to offer a soft floral element before base notes of fluffy marshmallow, creamy musk and blonde woods round of the scent leaving a decadent and soft feminine fragrance.

Cute and light-hearted it is and thanks to its fruity element I would personally say that Ari is the perfect scent for a younger audience.

It really is a gorgeous floral fruity gourmand scent though so if that’s your thing then this gift set is perfect.

For just £23 (which personally I think is a bargain) you’ll get an Ari EDP 30ml as well as a 100ml body lotion, the perfect product to compliment the scent and make the fragrant experience last longer!

Better still you can save an additional £3 if you purchase the set through The Fragrance Shop now!

Ariana Grande’s Ari EDP Gift Set is available now and costs £23.

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