Monday, 18 December 2017

Baylis & Harding Christmas 2017

Aaah Baylis and Harding I do love you, for so many reasons but right now I love you because of your fabulous range of Christmas Gifts.

Affordable yet luxurious, this brand creates some of the most gorgeous gift sets and products that will undoubtedly delight your senses. 

They have a gigantic range of products and gift sets this year and they certainly have something to suit anyone and any occasion but I’ve decided to showcase my top three favourite gifts this Christmas.

First up is this RIDICULOUSLY cute Midnight Fig & Pomegranate Small Bath Set.

Firstly can I just say that this gorgeous item costs just £8. EIGHT POUNDS! I know!

Sitting atop a gorgeous red roll top bath you’ll find a 50ml Shower Crème and 30ml Body Butter in the festive and fruity midnight fig and pomegranate scent.

I literally cant get over just how cute this set it and for just £8 it would make the most gorgeous secret santa gift and is guaranteed to delight the recipient! 

Next up is their equally exquisite Winter Spruce & Berries Festive Scented Candle Jar with Christmas Tree Lid. 

This festive scented candle boasts 38 hours burning time of the most stunning Christmassy scent.
Think Christmas trees mixed with red juicy berries. It smells like you’ve just walked into Santa’s back garden!

Housed in heavy glass jar it features a stunning gold lid, complete with mini Christmas tree decorative lid. Just gorgeous and a must for any scented candle lover!

I must be honest, I’ve really struggled to find this item anywhere online but you can purchase one of other varieties in similar packaging from Candles Direct HERE where it costs £10.

Last but by no means least is the Sweet Mandarin & Grapefruit Sequin Bag Set.

Nesting within a gorgeously festive, gold sequin clutch bag you’ll find a trio of gorgeous bath products designed to leave you feeling pampered and smelling gorgeous from head to toe.

You’ve got a 100ml shower gel, 100ml hand and body lotion and a 100ml body spritz, all scented in the fresh, zesty sweet mandarin scent.

This is a gorgeous gift set- you can indulge in the delicious smelling bathing lovelies before heading out on the town with your new sparkily, gold bag!

Priced at £15 you can actually get hold of this set for an incredible £10.50 at Debenhams now but you’ll need to get in quick before they sell out!

Bravo Baylis & Harding, once again you’ve succeeded in creating an exceptional range of products that suit every budget!

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