Thursday, 14 December 2017

ESPA Restorative Bath Oil

Sinking into a warm relaxing bath at the end of a long hard day is one of my all time favourite things to do.

By the time the children have been put to bed, the toys have been put away and I have restored the house back to its former appearance prior to being destroyed by two kids under 4 I am just about ready to collapse and there is nowhere I would rather collapse than into a warm bath with my ESPA Restorative Bath Oil.

I’ve recently moved away from bubble baths as my skin is particularly sensitive and dry in the winter months and I find bath oils to be far more nourishing and gentle on my skin.

ESPA’s restorative bath oil is currently my favourite oil of choice for several reasons.

Firstly and most importantly in my opinion is because it smells DIVINE.

Think fruity sweet orange, soft and comforting rose geranium and relaxing lavender.

This fantastically aromatic blend helps to instantly calm and relax a stressed tired mind while sweet almond oil works to deeply nourish and protect your skin.

Hats the second most important thing on my list when choosing a bath oil- its ability to soothe and hydrate my skin and boy does this one work.

The oil transforms into a milky fluid when poured under a running tap, dispersing its nourishing properties throughout the bath without leaving an oily, greasy film on either yourself or the bath.

It is the most gentle, perfect and relaxing bath oil which is simply perfect for helping to restore some calm and quiet to your life during this busy festive season.

ESPA’s Restorative Bath Oil is available now and costs £30.

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