Thursday, 16 November 2017

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Glace

There is no denying that Viva La Juicy Glace by Juicy Couture is a super girly fragrance.

Come on. Just look at this bottle. It practically screams OTT sweet girlyness!

Unsurprisingly the Viva La Juicy fragrances are inspired by bold women who live life to the fullest and are always the life and soul of the party. 

Vive La Glace plays on this further and has been created for the enchanting and captivating girls who can turn the ordinary into something fabulous.

Fabulous this scent certainly is. Both inside and out.

Inspired by a world of frozen beauty this fragrance features a mixture of both fresh and cool notes while retaining the DNA of the original Viva La Juicy.

The bottle also reflects this loyalty to the original scent, retaining the iconic bottle shape and gem-style stopper but this time the bottle gleams with a cool, iridescent shimmer reminiscent of an ice sculpture.

The stopper is adorned with a powdery pink ribbon and feathered puff surrounding a single flower offering a feminine touch to the overall appearance.

The contrast of the cool, hard as ice bottle and soft, fluffy and warm pink ribbon hasn’t gone un-noticed and is a great visual representation of the scent within.

The fragrance opens with notes of frozen Italian mandarin, frosted cassis leaves and pear sorbet to create a juicy yet cool experience.

At its heart you’ll find elegant jasmine sambac, jasmine de grasse bloom and frosted orange blossom which envelop your senses, leaving a soft blanket of delicate white florals.

Base notes of creamy vanilla and warm sandalwood round off the scent with a milky warmth which brings all of the elements together to create a beautiful fruity floral fragrance. 

 Considering just how pink and girly this fragrance appeared at first I was really pleasantly surprised by the overall scent.

It was not at all as expected and was actually quite softly sophisticated.

Undoubtedly feminine, it isn’t over the top, sickly or saccharine-y. It is delicate, powdery and beautiful.

It is just the right mix of floral and fruity and the vanilla and sandalwood really do round it off to perfection, leaving a warmth that I wasn’t expecting. 

Juicy Couture’s Viva La Juicy Glace is available now from The Perfume Shop and costs £50 for 50ml.

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