Sunday, 7 December 2014

Vaseline Limited Edition Queen Bee Lip Therapy

I love Vaseline and Their Lip Therapy tins are one of my must have beauty staples. I literally have a tin everywhere; in my handbag, bed side table, in my coat, dressing gown, you get the picture.

Given my love for this product you can imagine how excited I get when they launch limited edition versions. Until now, Creme Brûlée has reigned as my all time fave, but it's just been knocked off the top spot.

Queen Bee is the fourth Limited Edition Lip Therapy from Vaseline.

It not only heals and cares for dry lips, but it will also bring out the Queen Bee in you!

This Honeylicious lip therapy contains all the goodness you’d find in an original lip therapy but with a gorgeously delicate hint of honey.

To celebrate this gorgeous little lovely I was asked to create my very own personalised bee design.

I was sent a Queen Bee stencil and customisation kit and left to my own creative devices to create what I think I might look like as a Queen Bee!

Now let me be clear, I’ve not indulged in any arts and crafts for YEARS so my creation is far from perfect.

To illustrate this point, my husband kindly pointed this out to me by saying ‘did you mean to colour outside the line?’ ....

Work in progress!

YES I did not thank you husband!

That said I’m pretty proud of my attempt!

My Queen Bee is the epitome of regal royalty with a large dose of glamour thanks to her sparkly crown adorned with black jewels, but it’s not just her bling that sparkles!

No-one can dull my Queen Bee’s shine thanks to her glittery, lilac and gold wings and black and gold stripes. She’s earned those!

Thick black lashes make her blue eyes pop and are guaranteed to cause a flutter among her hive!

I’ve decided to name my Queen Bee, Queen Bee Fabulicious (obviously!)

Vaseline’s Limited Edition Queen Bee Lip Therapy is available now from Boots and Tesco and costs £3.99.

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