Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Jelly Belly Lip Balms

I’m not a massive fan of sweets. I'm definitely a chocolate kinda girl. That is, unless the sweets are Jelly Belly beans.

I am addicted to Jelly Belly beans, particularly their red apple and juicy pear ones. Mnnn. Oh, and their cantaloupe melon, and red cherry. Cinnamon and coconut are pretty nice, as are peach and piña colada. Ok so I love LOADS of them!

Imagine my delight then when I opened one of my Christmas gifts to find these.

Two of my greatest loves combines, Jelly Belly and lip balm!

This sweet trio features 3 different flavoured lip balms encased within cute little bean shaped tins!

You've got Berry Blue, Very Cherry and Tutti-Fruiti.

They smell amazing, just like the sweets and taste yummy too!

The lip balm itself is quite hard so requires a bit of warmth to melt it and no, Berry Blue won't turn your lips that shade. You can see from my swatches that you can barely see any colour in the balm when applied.

L-R Berry Blue, Tutti-Frutti & Very Cherry

It offers a lovely sheen and leaves a delicate hint of fruity yumminess on your lips!

This trio were bought at Debenhams but appear to be sold out online, however you can get Jelly Belly lip balms from their website as well as at Sainsburys and various other online retailers. 

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  1. Oh these sound really yummy, I had some coke and fanta lip balms and wanna try these now! xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs


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