Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Floris Cherry Blossom

Floris, a favourite brand of the iconic Marilyn Monroe have launched an exciting new fragrance called Cherry Blossom (£99).

Available through Floris and also exclusively to Harrods, Cherry Blossom is a feminine, floral and fruity fragrance.

 The EDP is part of the Floris Private Collection, a collection where Floris’ in-house perfumer artfully composes each unique fragrance to express a  story behind its creation by combining exquisite ingredients sourced from around the world.

Some have been created as private commissions for customers before being offered for general release to the public while others, like Cherry Blossom, have been commissioned by the Floris family to mark a celebration.

Cherry Blossom is  celebrating the centuries-old tradition of “Hanami” in Japan, when friends and family would picnic under sakura trees to relax and appreciate the beautiful view of the cherry blossom‘clouds’, the delicate scent of which lingering in the breeze. 

Under these sakura trees, at cheerful feasts, folk of all backgrounds would lunch and drink sake whilst taking in the view of the beautiful flowers surrounding them.

The perfume itself is such a gorgeous fragrance with notes of bergamot, orange, pink peppercorn, peony, osmanthus , rose, musks, sandalwood and cherry blossom 

The packaging looks fit for a queen and the perfume is quite powerful so you really will only need a little spritz, don’t douse yourself in it!

At £99 for 100ml this is an expensive perfume, but it’s also a gorgeous one, so if you feel like treating yourself to a little decadence, this is the one for you!

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