Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Stooshe ‘Who she’? I hear you ask.

How very dare you! 

Stooshe are the new girl band on the block, but boy are this girl band different!

Fresh from supporting the one and only Nicki Minaj on her UK tour, this trio are the epitome of cool

and their music ‘aint half bad either!

So, what exactly does ‘Stooshe’ mean and what makes these girls tick?

 Ladies! How did you come up with the name ‘Stooshe’ and what does it mean?

Well we're from South London where the word 'Stoosh' is used quite often. 

We loved the word but didn’t like the meaning (type it into google guys!), so we researched it and found out it also means a lot of other things, like ‘expensive’, ‘hidden away’, ‘a mystery’.... and we loved the contrast of meanings, so we just added the 'she' on the end for girl power :) 

How would you describe your fabulous style and sound?

 Our style is heavily influenced by Motown, but it is still current and fresh so we call it 'Newtown' lol!

The album is so eclectic and it has a lot of different genres and styles on there as we love to experiment, but there is definitely a running theme of Newtown.

You rock some great looks- have you always had the confidence to look so unique?

Thank you! We have always been quite confident in the way we dress but Stooshe allows us to push all boundaries and have a lot of fun with the fashion world.

We wear bright colours, out there pieces, and we just have fun with it!

We are 3 very different characters, I’m (Karis) very girlie, Court is really quirky and Alex is very glam, and even if we wear the same thing, it looks totally different on all of us because we wear it differently, have totally different hairstyles and make up styles etc.

Alex (top left) Courtney (top right) & Karis (bottom) 

How did it feel to work with Gym Class Hero’s star and Katy Perry’s ex, Travie McCoy on your single Love Me?

It was amazing!!! he is so lovely one of the most humble celebs we've met and worked with. 

He's a label mate too so it was nice to keep it in the family haha!

Travie with the girls!

Ok, so,  what’s in your make up bag today?

I’ve always got my whole make up bag with me lol! i carry my foundation, my eye products, my HD Brow kit, my glosses, and a nice blush with me too. You never know when you’re going to need a top up!

The girls with Nicki Minaj

Can you share with us one of your top secret beauty tips?

Everyone gets tired and in this business you don’t get a lot of sleep so we have little tricks to keep us looking awake!

 I use a light concealer under my eye to get rid of any bags, then I use a metallic gold eye shadow in the inside corners of my eyes to make them look a bit more open. I love it! 

 What Make up brands do you love?

I love MAC, I use a lot of their products and I have done for years.

 I also love my HD brow eyebrow palette, 

Do you have a beauty Icon?

I love Lana del Rey and Marilyn Monroe, i love their make-up style its very old school and girlie and they use a lot of contour which I love! 


What was the best beauty advice you have ever been given?

My make- up artist always tells me to look after my skin and it’s important to prep your skin for make up by using a good face cream and primer.

You may not think it but it makes a big difference.

Black Heart by StooShe is currently number 4 in the iTunes chart and their debut album is set to be released in September this year!

For more info on the girls head over to their website HERE.



  1. this is the first time I've heard about this group. they remind me of 2NE1 Korean girl group. ^_^

  2. I saw them on 'Lorraine' a couple of weeks ago, they were fab. Their hypnotic, cool vibe voices kept me glued to the screen.

    I think these ladies are going to go far.


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