Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Benefit bella bamba

The other week you may remember I told you about Benefit’s new Ultra Plush Glosses- 6 stunning lip glosses whose shades compliment their best selling box o’powders.

Well, they’re here and i tried out the bella bamba duo.

I must admit, id not tried to bella bamba blush box (£23.50) before  but i really liked it.

The brightening, pink face powder is laced with shimmering gold undertones that work to make the powder  look more 3D, allowing you to sculpt and hi-light your features.

It may look relatively dark in the box, but when applied to the skin is it a far more delicate, pink colour.

I loved the bella bamba ultra plush lip gloss (£13.50)

The sheer, bright watermelon gloss smells divine and slides onto your lips like silk.

bella bamba gloss swatched

 Not overly sticky, I love the combination of vivid colour and rich moisture.
bella bamba distributed evenly

I couldn’t get over the smell too, so fruity and delicious, if only it was edible!

The Benefit box o’powders and their ultra plush glosses are available now from Benefit.


  1. I got to try these two a few days ago when I went to Glasgow. Really like this duo, definitely on my to buy list! Lovely post :)

  2. I tried the coralista gloss in my benefit makeover and it was really nice, and lasted for a really long time! wasn't sure the colour could be classed as coral though, it was more nude.

  3. Thanks for your swatch. The colour looks fab on you! really tempted to try. Great review



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