Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Leighton Denny Light & Dark Delightful

Leighton Denny’s new scent Light and Dark Delightful (£43.50) has to be one of the most delicious smelling fragrances I have ever encountered.

Its vibrant pink hue not so much as hints at, rather completely gives away the type of fragrance you can expect from within.
I’m talking about the most juicy, sweet and fruity scent EVER!!

Leighton said “I wanted to create a fragrance so juicy, you’ll want to squeeze it”, and he certainly has!

This Delightful fragrance (see what I did there) contains top notes of sweet, juicy blood orange, watermelon, red apple and Ah Ping.

The deliciously edible scents then blend into softer floral mid notes of Mirabilis Jasmine, Lotus Flower and Pink Violet before sweet, warming base notes of sweet musk, vanilla and coconut round the scent off perfectly.

When I first sprayed this scent I felt like I had walked into a sweet shop.

It packs a real punch of sweet, juicy sugariness which is completely addictive.

It is almost a little overwhelming just how sweet this scent is so if you don’t like sweet fragrances then this isn’t for you.

Although the initial hit is intense it does dry down to become a softer, lest powerful aroma thanks to the musky base notes.

 It is a playful, youthful fragrance which will satisfy any sweet tooth!

Leighton Denny’s new Light and Dark Delightful EDP is available now from his website and costs £43.50.

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