Wednesday 12 October 2016

Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Magnet

Lip Magnet is the beautiful, vibrant and powerful new liquid lip colour from Giorgio Armani Beauty.

These beautiful little gems offer an intense colour that binds with your lips to offer a stunning, matte effect that lasts all day long.

These little pots of joy get their name from their unique properties which feature water fine oils and pigments contained in an inverted emulsion.

Once the lipstick has been applied, the inverted emulsion water gradually evaporates allowing the oils and pigment to fuse to create a no-migration magnet effect and super pigmented and intense colour.

Housed within chic bottles, you can see the gorgeous colours within and feature red lids with subtle silver detailing.

Shade 302 Hollywood

The v-shaped wand applicator allows for perfect and precise application with its flat, soft and textured form. It dispenses the perfect amount of product and glides across your lips effortlessly.

Shade 602 Night Viper

The product itself is extremely lightweight and completely non greasy or sticky in texture.

Shade 300 Tangerine

This lightness lends itself to easier application and the highly pigmented nature of the lip colour means that it is applied evenly and perfectly in one stroke.

Shade 506 Fusion

Unlike other matte effect lip colours I actually found the Lip Magnet’s one of the most comfortable to wear.

Shade 502 Mania

They are so light you don’t feel like you’re wearing a lip colour, they don’t feel drying on my lips and yet their staying power was seriously remarkable!

Shade 401 Scarlatto

I’m extremely impressed by these new Lip Magnets and with 18 shades available, there’s a shade for every occasion.

Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Lip Magnets are available now from Selfridges and nationwide from the 26th October and cost £27 each.


  1. I do really like the look of these but I don't think my budget will extend to one at the moment unfortunately x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  2. OOooh I so NEED to try Shade 602 Night Viper! It just may be a gift to myself whilst I'm Christmas shopping!


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