Friday, 3 February 2012

Can Your Nose Grow Back After a Nose Job?

Ok, something i have wondered for a while is this:

When you have rhinoplasty, can your nose, in fact, 'grow back?'

(Don't ask why i've wondered!)

They say that your nose and ears are always growing (Take a look at your grandad's if you dont believe me), but if you under go a painful operation to permanently change the shape of your nose, does nature retaliate and grow back (to a certain extent) the offending hooter?

I caught  a glipse at a photo of Katie Price this week and was sure that her nose looked different, wider, bigger.

That then made me think of Ashlee Simpson, who too underwent a nose job back in 2006 and has ever since left me somewhat confused as to what is happening with her nose- it looks a different size and shape with each year that passes!

And so, i have collected a selection of picces for you to have a look at.

Katie Price

Katy Pre Nose Job

 Post Nose Job

Earlier this year, 2012

Ashlee Simpson

Pre Nose Job -2006

Post Nose Job- 2007






So, you've seen the evidence, now do you think Katie or Ashlee's noses have miraculously 'grown back' or is it just a figment of my imagination, a trick of the light, or just a bad photo?



  1. I suppose it's possible! I had my adenoids removed as a child. I then had my adenoids removed again a few years later after they grew back!

  2. Ive just quickly journal searched it and cant find any evidence that it does, however most say it takes upto a year to settle into its final shape.

    vicky -

  3. It does look possible I guess! x

  4. I think Ashlee has redone it again a couple times, I did not know about the settling though..

  5. i didnt know that was possible i always thought ashlee simpson looked cute with her previous nose x

  6. I agree with Jossie, it appears that Ashlee has had a few nose jobs. I think the result of the first one gave her a nose that was too small for her face. Perhaps she has been having additional work on it ever since, trying to get the balance right.

  7. I bet it's more likely that people who have plastic surgery will go back for more, and I'm sure that Ashlee Simpson has had several nosejobs.

  8. Probs more plastic surgery, no? It's apparently like tattooing...addictive

  9. Its right that ears, nose grows back after the surgery. Every cosmetic surgery has not the lasting change in the body when operated whether it is nose surgery, rhinoplasty orange county and any other cosmetic surgery.

  10. I want it too.... I will try to get a christmas loan to afford that!

  11. That’s an interesting query. Complications of rhinoplasty don’t necessarily make the nose growing back. They are actually related to deformities such as scar formation and structural collapse. It isn’t common though, as only 10% of rhinoplasty patients experience this. Aside from deformities, infection, bleeding, and difficulty of breathing are other complications of this procedure.

    Geoffrey Lelia

  12. You can know if your nse can grow after a nose job. Good post

  13. I watched MTV’s “Ashley Simpson Show” back in 2006, around the time she debuted her album “Autobiography”. You can really see her real look before she had a nose job and when you look at the pictures, she has had a few nose jobs. Her 2012 look is really different from her previous one. I didn’t even recognize her in that photo. Nevertheless, she still looks beautiful to me, as always. :)

    Terry Bayer

  14. I just want a straight beautiful nose. Is it possible to conserve the original bottom shape of the nose after a rhinoplasty why do most people end up having that ball on the point of their noses?

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  16. Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is temporary and involves enhancements to specific portions of the nose with fillers that are safe and simple. The changes are immediate and do not involve any permanent changes.

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